Achieving good mental health is one of the goals of the UAB academic year

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Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 November 2023 Monday 16:03
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Achieving good mental health is one of the goals of the UAB academic year

Read this article in Spanish

Mental health problems are part of our lives and another circumstance of the person, not an element that should nullify the rest of our abilities. In recent years, especially since the covid pandemic, as is well known and reported by dozens of studies, the mental health problems suffered by the population have increased.

Therefore, one of the goals of this campaign is to destigmatize mental health problems and help people in the university and non-university community to obtain tools that allow them to achieve recovery and improve their quality of life.

The starting point was the inaugural lesson of the academic year last September 28, entitled "Breaking barriers: mental health and well-being at stake, a priority for the new millennium?", which was given by Professor Joan Deus, professor of Clinical and Health Psychology and care coordinator of the Psychology and Speech Therapy Service (SPL) of the Faculty of Psychology of the UAB. You can retrieve it on the University's YouTube channel.

From September 26 to October 3, the UAB organized the Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Week, which included the activities scheduled at the conference

Also in September, the Vagó de la Ciència entered circulation, a joint initiative of the UAB and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) that will offer a monothematic interactive exhibition every year inside one of the trains on the line that passes through the UAB and that this year, in its first edition, is dedicated to mental health.

Other activities that complement the program throughout the course are La Comunitaria de la UAB (festival of campus organizations), the III Inclusive Artistic Week, the XIV Healthy and Sustainable Week, as well as other conferences and activities on human rights and mental health , eating disorders, unwanted loneliness or anxiety and stress.