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What Egypt Has to Offer for US Travelers

What Egypt Has to Offer for US Travelers

09 November 2020 Monday 10:56
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What Egypt Has to Offer for US Travelers

Every American Traveler will get the chance to enjoy the finest vacation in the immortal lands of Egypt that houses the monuments and artifacts of the oldest civilization on the plant dating back to more than 5000 years old. The chance to witness a real miracle has never been closer just once click away with these Egypt vacation packages to explore all that Egypt has to offer from magical reflections of genuine beauty and innovation. Egypt has always been the finest travel destination in the world, able to attract visitors from all over the world to explore the sight of true miracles that comes in the shape of colossal monuments in Cairo Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan plus the magical sea coast in the red sea of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik. Every American traveler will have the time to perform many magical activities that will make every moment feel like heaven.

Most Visited Places By US Travelers

Egypt is blessed with a great number of tourist attractions dating back to thousands of years across various time periods which be fully witnessed and explored.

Cairo Tourist Attractions

Through Egypt vacations such as the immortal wonders of Cairo has the grand Giza pyramids complex owner of the great pyramid of Khufu the only remaining intact wonder out of the seven wonders of the ancient ages & the holy protector the great sphinx the largest and most ancient man-made on earth, the Grand Egyptian Museum that holds more than 120,000 artifacts made of incredible materials like gold and gem-stones plus a number of mummies, the golden heavenly path of Khan El Khalili Bazaar the oldest market in the Arab World and the Middle East that offers an unforgettable shopping experience, the glorious Cairo citadel the guardian of this noble city and a number of Coptic and Islamic attractions within the city of minarets such as Amr Ibn Alas mosque, Hassan Mosque, Ibn Tulan mosque, Amr ibn Alas Mosque plus many others, and a number of Coptic attractions like the hanging church, Abu Serga Church, and, the one of a kind Ben Ezra Synagogue.

Luxor Tourist Attractions

With the heavenly embrace of the city of Luxor is the greatest open-museums in the world such as the enchanting Hatshepsut temple, the mesmerizing Valley of the Kings, the holy Karnak temple complex, and the incredible colossal Colossi of Memnon, and more.

Aswan Tourist Attractions

The mythical city of the gods Aswan is famous for possessing the temple of the goddess Isis of motherhood Philae, the temple of the sky god Horus the god Edfu, the double temples of Kom Ombo, the great unfinished obelisk of Hatshepsut, the immortal temples of Abu Simple of King Ramses great and the Aswan High Dam.

Nile Cruise Experience

Nile River Cruises between Luxor and Aswan is a chance to get a glimpse of paradise and explore the unforgettable allure and history of its banks and listen to the echoing tales of the glorious past.

Alexandria Tourist Attractions

The pearl of the Mediterranean Sea Alexandria is able to showcase the charm of the Greco-roman culture as shown by the Pompey pillar the catacombs, and the Islamic citadel of Qaitbey that was built on top of the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria using its selvedged rocks.

Red Sea Resorts

Egypt is blessed with the red sea which can showcase the true meaning of the coastal tropical allure which gives a true sense of relief and tranquility to everyone who sees it. The great city resort of Hurghada is a great example able to showcase what the red sea has to offer. The incredible famous resorts of El Gouna, Marsa Alam will be the place to be to explore all the aquatic activities under the waters of the red sea. The legendary city of peace Sharm el sheik is at the edge of the holy land of Sinai offers a special reflection of the heavenly tropical beauty and bliss of Egypt.

Is Egypt Safe for US Travelers

Egypt remains one of the few countries on the plant where every US citizens can truly feel safe as the Egyptian government normalized the current situation of the country by taking all the needed measures before the outbreak was just a mild risk factor and protected the country from any danger but this is didn't ease the risk of infection but Egypt was once again able to take control as on 26 October 2020: Egypt recorded a 92.3% recovery rate of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) with currently 99,174 recovered cases in the isolation hospitals nationwide. Egypt currently ranks 119th in the world according to the number of infections. Egypt will be the first country in Africa to one of the countries to go into the clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments with the help of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Best Time to Visit Egypt from USA

It is known that the most ideal time to be in Egypt from USA is in winter or the beginning of Spring from October till April where the climate will be very delightful for all visitors especially from the United States and Europe which everyone will get to have a variety of options to explore the allure and wonders of the mesmerizing country such as a delightful Nile cruise, super safari, camel ride, diving, snorkeling and many more.

Egyptian Public

Egypt is known to have one of the good-hearted and kindest citizens on the plant who would welcome any stranger with a warm embrace as a true relative of their own family. The Egyptian population understands that tourism brings in more than 15 percent of the nation's income so every Egyptian will do what he or she can to help the tourism industry rise. All the people of Egypt will help you on your quest where you experience all the wonders of this great nation.

A Guide to Shopping in Egypt

There are a lot of locations all over Egypt to Enjoy a unique shopping experience but there is nothing that can compare to the Khan El Khalili Bazaar which is a 600-year-old maze of streets, smaller routes, stores, and shops in the heart of Islamic Cairo filled with magical items and artifacts only to be found in Egypt. The downtown of Cairo holds a lot of great malls filled with modern items. In Luxor, there are a number of souks and open-air markets such as Caravanserai, Habiba Handweaving gallery, Alladins Cave, and Fair Trade Luxor Outlet. The city of Alexandria has a lot of local markets like the "Attarine" Market which sells all sorts of antiques in a maze of narrow lanes and streets, plus many shopping malls like Zahran Mall, San Stefano Mall, and the Grand Plaza Mall. The golden city of Aswan is full of riches that can be found in the Aswan Souk, Aswan Bazaar, Om Elnor, Aswan Souk, Spice Market, and Hubia Craft Center.

What is the Most Ideal Tour Package For A Traveler from the USA?

There are two types of tour packages in Egypt, there are the budget tour packages for the traveler who want to carefully save their money & time while enjoying great service and there are the luxury tour packages for those who want to get the whole package and enjoy all the bells and whistles of the awesome lands. So it really depends on the time and money the traveler is looking to spend in Egypt.

Best Four Classical Egyptian Dishes


It is the most foods in Egypt which dates back to the times of the early days of the Islamic empire in Egypt. It is a totally vegan dish filled with all the main 4 sources of carbohydrates which make it the most popular lunch meal across Egypt. It is a delicious mixture of rice, small round macaroni, vermicelli, spaghetti, black lentils, and fried onions, hummus with a garlic & vinegar sauce, topped with thick tomato sauce with some chili sauce.

2.Ful & Ta'meya a.k.a " fava beans and falafel"

It is the most primary food in all of Egypt which is being consumed by Egyptians on daily basis during breakfast. They are usually served together, the ta'meya is mainly prepared of crushed fava beans mixed with other vegan ingredients then deep-fried then served with sesame paste bread known as tahini, Egyptian bread, and salad. The Ful is an ancient dished believed to be cooked in ancient Egypt which is also lava beans prepared with oil and lemon juice then can be added with garlic and onion. There are many ways to make it with butter, olive & spicy oil, paper, tomato sauce, parsley, and more.


A traditional dish for meat lovers in Egypt made of spiced ground beef stuffed and cooked in a whole loaf of bread with onion, garlic, and pepper then baked in a regular oven then served with a special sauce and salad.

4.Kabab & Kofta " Grilled Meatballs"

A delicious dish also for meat lovers made of grilled meat cubes and sheesh kebab made out of veal or lamb prepared on the charcoal grill then served with Egyptian bread, tahini, and salads or Baba ganoush with is cream of roasted eggplant, lemon, garlic, and olive oil.

The vacation of a lifetime is one click away where every US traveler can enjoy the time of a lifetime, traveler across the past to hear the tales of ancient glory & wonder and live the finest adventure ever and taste the heavenly flavor of allure, thrill, and tranquility in the embrace of a true miracle.



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