Weddings In 2020: Trends To Watch Out For

Weddings In 2020: Trends To Watch Out For

30 October 2019 Wednesday 04:14
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Weddings In 2020: Trends To Watch Out For

Weddings are initiation points into a grand new adventure. There are going to be ups, there are going to be downs. You don’t know the future—nobody does. But you can control the “now”, and if you’re planning a wedding in 2020, you want to know your options. Different trends tend to direct how people approach such ceremonies.

Of course, you don’t have to inform your wedding arrangements with anything that’s classic, trending, or exists outside your own idiosyncratic preferences. However, if you need a little insight, and want to stimulate your imagination, the following 2020 trends might be worth considering.

Cost Savings Through Tourism: Thailand?
A Thailand “Baht” equals about thirty-three cents in American money. Ten thousand dollars in Thailand is thirty-thousand Baht. It will likely have even greater buying power than that as well. You’ll want a Thailand translator because the signs will say one thing in English and another in Thai. This is one way in which the locals squeeze the tourists. For maximum savings, know their game!

That said, you could spend half the money and have twice the wedding, including the reception and honeymoon, by combining the event and approaching it as a sort of “marriage tourism”. Medical tourism is a means by which people get complex procedures done at a fraction of the cost doing so in America would require. You can do the same with weddings, many couples will in 2020.

You don’t have to go to Thailand, either; that’s just a suggestion with some built-in destination wedding infrastructure already. Also, you might supplement your financial reserves with crowd-sourced funding.

The Bare Bones Approach
A “Spartan” or “no-frills” wedding is something many couples in 2020 prefer. There’s something trendy about doing something at an absolute minimum. Plenty of elegance and social interaction still exist, but you get to cut down on the complication of the whole affair. This can save time, it can save money, and it can reduce your stress.

Pulling Out All The Technological Stops
On the other hand of the bare-bones coin, you might look at the technology available and put together something which pulls out all the stops. Projectors, “hologram” technology, smoke machines, neon lights, music, bands, comedians, virtual reality, augmented reality—there are all kinds of options.

The playground of the rich and famous is full of wedding conventions featuring such technological enhancement. In 2020, you can expect similar trends to expand even further, depending on the couples involved. If you really want to see some freaky stuff, look up some of the ways silicon valley has approached matrimony.

New Breakthroughs In Fashion
You might be surprised at some of the dresses that are available through online sites. Because of today’s rapid technological growth, a worldwide market of style and presentation has arisen. Weddings have always been popular, and some of the most interesting designs will be on the web — Azazie’s got some brilliant ones; here you can check them out.

You might inform the wardrobe aesthetic of your wedding with options that aren’t traditional. 2020 is a year where people seem bent on eschewing traditionalism in light of something that’s totally unknown, but unique.

Well, there isn’t really anything unique; everything’s repackaged—even the feeling of seeking novelty is nothing new. However, fashion breakthroughs online are constantly reinventing and even enhancing old styles, so you might as well take a gander of what’s available to see if anything moves you.

Enjoy The Ride
There are all kinds of ways you can get married in 2020. Look at the options available, consider what you want, and don’t be afraid to try something new! Whether you’re into travel, technology, new styles, or simple appointments, next year’s popular styles will likely have something you resonate with.



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