Two basic secrets that every barbecue king knows

The good weather arrives and with it, the desire to enjoy the outdoors.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
22 May 2023 Monday 14:58
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Two basic secrets that every barbecue king knows

The good weather arrives and with it, the desire to enjoy the outdoors. And few plans are better than a barbecue with family and friends: enjoy the process, while we snack here and there and have a few laughs, until our barbecue is ready and we taste that unmistakable flavor of the grill. An idyllic plan, right? But let's be real: making the perfect barbecue is not easy. The fire. Grill. Meat, fish or vegetables. The sweet spot. The host plays it and leaving the Sunday barbecue on his shoulders has its little secrets...

If you keep reading this it is because you know that this is the year in which you also want to learn or improve your culinary skills to make the best plans for this spring and summer. If barbecue is one of the best pleasures in life, we are going to set ourselves a goal: to do it as well as possible. To achieve this, you only have to know the answer to two basic questions: What system are you going to cook with? What tools do you have?

When we buy charcoal, we also see that they sell something called briquettes as fuel for charcoal barbecues. What is the difference between them? Briquettes are solid blocks of biofuel that are made from processed materials (usually forest biomass, but also other organic materials such as coconut or cotton) and that go through a compression process to give them shape.

Coal, for its part, is obtained naturally, of vegetable origin. Charcoal barbecues use both systems. Which is the best? In favor of the briquettes, it must be said that since they are exactly the same size, they generate uniform heat and reach the perfect temperature for cooking in just 20 minutes. In favor of coal, which reaches faster temperatures and ignites faster. In any case, the two products, charcoal and briquettes, are 100% natural, without chemical substances and allow cooking food to maximize its flavor.

Having said all this, if we add the smoky flavor and the control of the playing field (or field of fire, rather), new paths are opened to try more sophisticated recipes, such as this roast rib in pepper crust with hazelnut pesto a the three herbs Or some unique grilled octopus or barbecued mushrooms. Even desserts, like these apple cinnamon waffles. Delicious and unique wonders that will surprise everyone and that go beyond the jack, horse, king of conventional barbecues: burnt sausage, tough lamb, undone black pudding and charred bread.

Charcoal barbecues also have a very positive point: they are portable, compact and weigh just 25 kilos. They go with you and with your entourage of voracious mouths pending your evolutions at the controls of the grill.

The second question we raised was related to having the right tool: to achieve a unique and delicious gourmet experience, which offers direct cooking, or an indirect one for low-temperature or smoked dishes, we must have a good charcoal barbecue. And today, there are wonders, especially at the hands of prestigious brands such as Weber, number one in the world in barbecues, a brand that offers a durable and simple design with a ten-year quality guarantee on all its charcoal barbecues.

Surely you know their legendary Kettle, with its iconic design and its lid that guarantees the best and juiciest roasts. Today this model has been reinvented with the Master-Touch series of charcoal barbecues, offering unlimited possibilities, as many as your culinary creativity allows! For example, its Premium model can also be transformed into a low'n'slow smoker to cook a pork shoulder or ribs, for example.

This model has the best equipment: it incorporates the Gourmet BBQ System, with a selection of cooking grills to diversify your dishes and transform you into a 'grill master'. A Sear grill for steaks, a pizza stone, a wok where you can make this Korean wok recipe, for example, a griddle to dare with spicy beef kebabs and even a support for roasting chickens. An authentic Swiss army knife for barbecues that will mark a before and after in your culinary repertoire and will undoubtedly make you the king of barbecues.

The Weber Master-Touch Premium is compact and easy to handle, measuring 57cm and weighing 24 kilos, and includes a lid and precision ventilation, which allows you to control the temperature and cook any type of meat, fish or vegetables to the point. A nice touch is that the hinged grate makes it easier to add charcoal during cooking.

The vitrified lid and bowl retain heat, providing a consistent temperature and even cooking. It also includes a warming rack, which keeps food warm, and also makes you toast while the main dish cooks below.

These features of the Master-Touch Premium are added to those already existing in the Master-Touch series, such as the rapid igniter, making it the perfect barbecue for those who want to master the art of charcoal cooking.

The happy ending of the barbecue, however, does not come with the praise of the cook while people lick their fingers, but with the cleaning process. The Weber Master-Touch allows convenient cleaning of ashes and charcoal residues by dragging them into a large-capacity removable ashtray.

Ah, now yes, the perfect barbecue exists.