Mousse is one of the most popular desserts globally, and social networks show this. Every week, platforms like TikTok publish videos related to this dessert: recipes, tips or details to keep in mind if you want to make the most delicious homemade mousse.

However, on occasion these recipes fail. This has been demonstrated by user Antonio Marín, a TikToker who tried to create an incredible coffee mousse at home. The result has left Internet users speechless.

Antonio decided to put sugar, granulated coffee and water in the Thermomix at speed 4 for 5 minutes in his kitchen appliance. Unfortunately, the result left something to be desired: “There’s shit like this left,” the user notes with a laugh.

With a view to giving Antonio a hand after his failed experiment, users have shared tips to get the desired coffee mousse: “Soluble coffee, sugar and cold milk, not water????.”

The video, which has accumulated thousands of views, also has all kinds of comments from users: “instant coffee… I have seen pirate ships with more lights,” says one, while another states: “Look, it didn’t work out but “You made my afternoon hahaha.”