Chocolate is the dessert par excellence. There are almost infinite recipes that use this food as a base or simply as a dressing to give it a different touch to the palate, and it has multiple varieties.

Those with a sweet tooth always have a bar or even more than one, whether it is pure chocolate, milk, white, etc. However, you have to be careful with the quantities you take, since it is not something to eat every day.

Faced with the irresistible temptation at times to eat more than an ounce of chocolate, the TikTok account @expcaseros has shown a way to be able to eat a piece and make it seem like the bar does not decrease.

You have to make two cuts: one diagonally in the upper area, and another on the side, so that there are three full ounces left and one diagonally split.

When you pick up a loose ounce, the side part that is cut off is passed to the other side, making it seem like there is always the same amount, even if it is not true.

In the comments, people have reacted by saying that, every time an individual ounce is taken, the size of what is left will become smaller and smaller, also complementing that this applies to people who are satisfied with a single piece.