Animals are capable of spending hours and hours playing with their favorite toy, which can be a ball, a toy to stimulate their sense of smell, a rope or a stuffed animal, among others. Each pet has a preference and each one is different.

Of all the objects that an animal can play with, there is always one that stands out above the rest. This is the case of a small stuffed animal in the shape of a horse, which has become the property of none other than a foal.

The person in charge of publishing this tender video was @anapaulaorozcoglez, a young woman who is studying veterinary medicine: “The first time I showed him his stuffed mini horse, he was very excited,” says the young woman.

Ana shows the foal the stuffed animal, and after coming into contact with it through smell, the foal begins to jump with happiness. A very funny scene.

The users of this network could not resist commenting on the reaction of this colt and his new toy. They all agree on the “tenderness” they awaken. “I love seeing how animals show their emotion and that they turn out to be like children…” says one. “I didn’t know I needed this video ????,” says another.