The secret ingredient to make your pan non-stick

You probably know someone whose specialty in the kitchen is fried eggs.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
13 May 2024 Monday 05:32
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The secret ingredient to make your pan non-stick

You probably know someone whose specialty in the kitchen is fried eggs. There are few dishes as simple and appetizing as this one, but, despite the popular belief that this recipe is a piece of cake, there are some aspects that give it a certain complexity. The choice of pan you use to fry them could be one of them.

In recent times, some alternatives to non-stick Teflon pans have become popular, such as iron or stainless steel pans. These options provide some advantages, such as better preservation of the smell and flavor of food and a non-porous surface that prevents the migration of toxins into your recipes. However, if you choose one of these utensils without knowing its particularities, it is likely that your fried eggs will stick to the base and end up falling apart.

Luckily, there is a trick with which you can turn any pan in your kitchen non-stick. The popular TikTok account Bienestar total (@bienestar.total1), with more than 400,000 followers, has revealed in a recent publication what is the secret with which you can fry perfect fried eggs without them sticking.

It is wheat flour, an ingredient that we all have at home and an economical and innovative solution to activate the non-stick power of your pans, even if they are made of iron or stainless steel.

In a video with more than 60,000 likes, this profile shows how, thanks to this easy and economical trick, you can go from preparing disastrous scrambled eggs to a fried egg with a curdled yolk and that much desired crispy edge of the white. Simply pick any pan in your kitchen—no matter how worn out—and add a generous amount of oil.

Next, add a tablespoon of wheat flour and spread it over the surface of the pan with the help of a teaspoon until it falls apart. You can also sprinkle it with your fingers or use a fine sieve to sift it and distribute it evenly.

Then, add the egg with a pinch of salt and after a few seconds you will see how the wheat flour takes effect. This natural ingredient absorbs excess moisture released by foods such as eggs and creates a film between them and the pan, reducing friction and preventing sticking.

See for yourself! With the help of a spatula, you will see how it moves smoothly across the surface and forms a delicious crispy crust around your fried eggs.