The Problem with Glock Guns that Has Remained Unaddressed

Those gun owners who have a Glock might have noticed some problems with the latest model. Find out more about these issues in this article.

18 January 2019 Friday 01:29
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The Problem with Glock Guns that Has Remained Unaddressed

The Problem with Glock Guns that Has Remained Unaddressed

In the gun market, there are many different types of guns on offer for people to choose from. One of the popular gun types is a Glock that comes in many different models and generations. Glocks are very popular in this industry; however, the newer models have seen some problems that have remained unaddressed. Here, we are going to discuss some of these problems. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is A Glock Gun?

If you have never heard of a Glock before then you should know that it is a semi-automatic pistol which originated in Austria. These types of guns are very popular across the USA and gun owners pride themselves on their Glocks. You will find Glocks in homes where the owners like to have a method of self-defence as well as those who indulge in competition shooting. These owners are able to buy Kydex holsters and carry their Glocks with them as a method of protection as long as they have a license.

Next, we are going to discuss some of the problems with the Glocks that have been released more recently.

The Problem

The Gen 4 Glocks come with three main problems and so far, the manufacturers have done little to address these problems. Most of the problems arise because of the new slimmer design that this company has gone for. The first problem is with the heavier trigger pull which comes about because of the thinner grip and the thin frame. Glock decided to put a bump on the gun to deal with this but there is friction that comes with it and makes the trigger heavier to pull – which is not ideal for gun owners.

Something which you don’t want to experience when you are using your Glock is stove piping but unfortunately, this is something which has happened to many gen 4 Glock owners. This means that the spent case has not been pushed out properly and a jam has been caused which is obviously an issue.

The final issue that has arisen with this gun model is the ejector issue which is a result of the new curvature in the design. Those with these models are forced to deal with the FTE and BTF issues that Glock is well known for and this is not ideal. These issues can be fixed if a new part is purchased but this has not been directly solved by the company who makes Glock, so gun owners are not exactly happy.

Final Thoughts

Many people who own Glocks are happy with their guns, however, those who use them on a regular basis might come across some of these problems in the newer models. We hope that Glock decides to address these problems in any newer versions to make sure that they are coming up with the best possible model. They have made great guns in the past and we know that gun owners enjoy using these models.

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