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Surviving the false allegations of child abuse – How to deal with it

Surviving the false allegations of child abuse – How to deal with it

01 August 2018 Wednesday 06:47
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Surviving the false allegations of child abuse – How to deal with it

As there is an increase in awareness of child abuse, there are burgeoning reports of child abuse that are coming to the forefront. The people who actually report are already taking their initial steps to safeguard their children from such cases. However, it also has to be noted that all child abuse reports are not proved with substance and evidence. There are times when such reports are filed with good faith but later on with investigation, it is proved that the accusations of child abuse are nothing but false claims.

Most often, the false allegations are done purposefully to cause harm to the main subject of allegation like the case of a bitter divorce between a couple where the child custody is contested. Are you someone who has been a victim of all sorts of false child abuse allegations? If you find yourself fighting charges of child abuse, you can take into account the expert tips about the steps that you can take. Here are some of them.

  • Maintain a record of the case

Keep a running diary of the entire legal procedure that you’re going through. The sooner you start keeping a tab over such things; the better will be your chance to win. When it’s time to get in touch with a lawyer, you can report things to him in the right order.

  • Try to avoid possibility further allegations

Once you’ve already been charged with false allegations of child abuse, make sure you avoid any other instance by being with the children only when there is an adult present there. When you have another adult around, you can diminish the chances of such child abuse assaults.

  • Determine the source of the charges

What was the situation which led to such false charges? If you clearly know where from the allegation came, you can avert the situation and minimize accusations which were done against you. In case of family disputes, one parent might get tempted to throw accusations of child abuse and take it as a weapon to win the case. You need to be aware of such sources.

  • Handle law enforcement

Based on the kind of allegations and whether or not the case is supported by the social services, you might be interviewed by the police. This is when you should get to know all your rights. In case you have been arrested, you have an immediate right to hire a lawyer. If you’re not arrested, you could decline speaking with the police unless you properly consult a lawyer.

  • Join hands with a lawyer

In any kind of court case, you will be entitled to appoint a lawyer of your choice who is meant to represent you in the court. It’s vital for you to listen to the attorney and follow his advice so as to emerge a winner of such cases.

Therefore, now that you know the different steps that you can take in order to survive allegations of child abuse, follow them in order to stay away from the stigma.



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