Special Mother's Day: Does the color of their dress need to match?

Special Mother's Day: Does the color of their dress need to match?

04 mart 2019 Monday 19:23
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Special Mother's Day: Does the color of their dress need to match?

Passed the thrill of receiving the news that your son or daughter will marry the next worry that pops into the heads of 10 out of 10 grooms is what color to wear. Okay, we know that not necessarily in that order, the happiness of the children comes first, of course.

But let's agree, choosing the color of the mother of the bride dresses is a controversial subject and it can even bring some headaches. After all, there are many issues (and people) involved: the bride, the other mother, the bridesmaids, dreams, expectations and their personal taste.

Such complexity has made us seek not only experts in the subject, but people who are living (or have lived a short time) this situation. That old maxim is worth here: it only really understands who feels on the skin.It's all very good, but the best comes now!

Combine or not combine the color of the dress

With a wedding scheduled for this year, the stylist lives a life of a bride that is somewhat unusual. In addition to her own plus size mother of the bride dresses, she is producing the models of her mother, mother-in-law, and eight of her eleven bridesmaids (and, of course, gave her clothes in the dresses of the other three as well).

In practice, Stephanie has seen a bit of everything in her atelier. There is a bride who first makes the colors palette of the bridesmaids and the mothers then choose other colors that are different. Those who leave the mothers with the priority and only then choose the tones of the bridesmaids and even those brides who care only for the look of the mother and leave the mother-in-law (but this is not legal, after all marriage is the beginning of a new family). The most common, however, according to the designer is that the bridesmaids palette is first defined.

Regardless of the order of who chooses first, the fact is that mothers deserve prominence at the altar. "I do not think it's legal for mothers to wear the same colors as bridesmaids, because mothers have to be different," says the designer. But life is not just made of rules, there are cases and cases like Stephanie's warning and hers herself is an exception. "My mother-in-law had chosen the blue for the dress, but during a trip we made it fell in love with a light pink fabric (tone that is in the bridesmaids' palette)," he said.

And anyone who thinks the change has generated any stress is very much mistaken. They are all happy and very well resolved towards the altar. After all, as the stylist herself pointed out, it is not possible for the person to wear a color that they do not feel comfortable with. The satisfaction of the people you love is better than an altar in millimeter calculated harmony. Think about it, if those people have gained such an important place (whether mothers or godmothers) to be by your side at the altar because they are important to you, so their happiness will also make you happy.

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