Single, immature and narcissistic: what is Simon Syndrome

Simon Syndrome is a term coined in 2018 by psychologist Robin Bowie.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
13 May 2024 Monday 05:36
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Single, immature and narcissistic: what is Simon Syndrome

Simon Syndrome is a term coined in 2018 by psychologist Robin Bowie. It is considered a variant of Peter Pan Syndrome but, unlike this or other syndromes referring to personality, Simon Syndrome does not refer to any fictional, historical or mythological character, but is an acronym for the characteristics of This Syndrome: S for single, I for immature, M for materialistic, O for obsessed with work and N for narcissistic.

From the online psychology office Siquia, they explain that Simon Syndrome applies to men between 28 and 38 years of age, single and romantically immature. These are men obsessed with success and with a markedly narcissistic personality. Let's delve into the five characteristic features of Simon Syndrome, in order to recognize one when we see it.

Being single is the first trait that defines men with Simon Syndrome. They shy away from commitment and cling to singleness, as they associate it with freedom. They have no ability to commit and lack emotional responsibility.

People with this syndrome do not have adequate emotional or professional maturity. This trait is fed by their singleness, because as a result of their immaturity, they cannot commit to anyone, fearing commitment.

Material objects bring satisfaction to people with Simon Syndrome, more than personal relationships or emotional ties. This is also associated with his desire to succeed in his professional career.

Within Simón Syndrome there is a great ambition to succeed in the professional world, as well as the concept of being successful in different ways: traveling, taking care of your physique, enjoying a certain social status, a privileged economic position... Along the way To obtain these achievements, they do not care what or who they must sacrifice to achieve their goals.

Finally, narcissism is a marked factor in men with Simon Syndrome. They have high self-esteem, so much so that they “suffocate anyone around them,” as stated in the aforementioned portal. They are obsessed with their own image, they constantly look in the mirror, they like to be flattered, be the center of attention and make a good impression. At the same time, they are arrogant and have a superiority complex.

Simon Syndrome is used to refer to men only. Although very similar characteristics can also occur in a woman, in which case the term they are referred to is Laura Syndrome: L for liberated, A for autonomous, U for university student and R and A for rationalizing love.