Seven wines that will be your favorites if you love pinot noir

Red, fine, delicate and perfumed.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
22 May 2023 Monday 14:55
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Seven wines that will be your favorites if you love pinot noir

Red, fine, delicate and perfumed... the Pinot Noir grape is, without a doubt, my favourite. It is also true of many other sommeliers, gourmets and lovers of good wines; That is why today I want to present you with a selection of bottles made with this grape that you will surely love.

Made with its own vineyards, in organic viticulture and calmly, the hallmark of this house of great tradition and know-how. The grapes come from the Can Martí estate and give a complex and delicate sparkling wine. Its bubble is fine, and its pink color, a little salmon. On the nose it is fragrant, with notes of currant, blackcurrant and acid strawberry. Notes of menthols and flowers give it complexity. In the mouth it is sweet, refreshing, fruity and with a crunchy bubble. Leave the balsamic part for last.

Delicious pinot noir from Patagonia, with overall subtlety and a certain intensity, within the limits of this delicate grape variety. On the nose, aromas of fruit such as raspberry and wild strawberries stand out, it also offers violets and is spicy. The palate is fresh, with a silky tannin, and very tasty. In the end, the aromas that we found in the nose chime, especially the floral ones. It has been aged for eight months in barrels.

I can leave evidence that my favorite grape in red wines is pinot noir and those from New Zealand are very pleasant to me, due to the freshness that the climatic conditions confer on them, especially in the south island. This red wine was aged for 11 months, which gives it other nuances and allows it to maintain a great balance. It is complex in aromas with red and black fruits, spices, coffee and a saline touch.

In the production of this red wine from Burgundy, the place where pinot noir is best expressed, whole bunches have been added with part of the stem. This will be a key ingredient on the palate, where in addition to being fresh it is smooth. Its fermentation takes place in 500-litre foudres, and is then aged for 12 months. It is very floral, with wild berries, herbal notes, leather and sweet spices.

The plot where the vineyard is located is considered heroic, and it is harvested at almost 1,400 meters of altitude. In this area, the Pinot Noir, despite the Mediterranean climate, gives a beautiful expression of itself, due to the height that the vines enjoy. The wine is certified organic, something increasingly common and always an added value. It is very floral, herbal, with fresh red fruits, spices and hints of leaves. In the mouth it is broad, elegant and vertical. It will be a safe value with the passage of time.

This rosé wine is very delicate and rests for three months with the lees, which makes it more gastronomic due to its contribution in volume, on the palate. Its grapes come from Finca Los Pinares. Aromas of field flowers, citrus touches such as grapefruit, aromatic herbs such as rosemary and red fruits can be appreciated on the nose. In the mouth it is very fresh, fruity and balanced. It leaves a pleasant mineral sensation for the end.

This winery was founded in 1896 and is one of the oldest in New Zealand. It has a screw cap, very much in the New Zealand style, which will not prevent it from aging well. It is very perfumed, dominated by wild berries, leaves, flowers, aromatic herbs and earthy notes. Its mouthfeel is refreshing, and those notes of earth and menthols are reproduced again at its end.