Santa Coloma surrenders to its gastronomic May

With the arrival of spring, the gastronomy of Santa Coloma de Gramenet shines more than ever.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
22 May 2023 Monday 14:59
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Santa Coloma surrenders to its gastronomic May

With the arrival of spring, the gastronomy of Santa Coloma de Gramenet shines more than ever. From May 1 to 31, the sixth edition of Santa Coloma De Gusta is celebrated, in which both locals and visitors can enjoy tapas or menus, at an affordable price, that 42 restaurants in the city prepare especially for the occasion.

For years now, Colombian gastronomy has crossed borders. Chef Víctor Quintillà and his Bar Verat and Lluerna, with a Michelin star that has been spotless for ten years, served as a letter of introduction for a city that has proven to have plenty of culinary talent.

His proposal for De Gusta includes some of his classics, such as pickled leek and migas with cecina or squid with mushrooms, which are combined with hummus with papadum, tacos with Iberian pork or bacon with mayonnaise. soy and cucumber, and concludes with chocolate fondant and hazelnut foam. The menu is offered on Thursdays at Bar Verat, midday and evening, and costs 30 euros.

"It was very difficult for the residents of the city to believe that we had gastronomic potential, but we have worked and grown, and now we have a very consolidated offer," presumes Quintillà. The chef recalls that it was not easy to start both establishments, almost simultaneously, although now they are "at their best moment". The same thing happened to other restaurants, hit hard during the pandemic. But events like the Gastronomic Spring promote and strengthen the gastronomic ecosystem of the city, with various activities that involve residents and visitors.

"In Santa Coloma, some historic establishments have closed, but others have also opened with enthusiasm and enthusiasm," says the chef from Lluerna. This is the case of Don Martín, who turned on his stove in December. For De Gusta they have prepared a ham croquette nigiri with tuna and foie sashimi, which together with a glass of wine or beer costs five euros. They also serve a menu on Saturdays and Sundays at noon, as they usually do, in which the grill plays a fundamental role.

Albert Oltra, in charge of the kitchen, underlines the opportunity that this month represents to present himself and win over new consumers. After the initial euphoria at the end of the pandemic, now everything is back to normal. "The loss of purchasing power is noticeable in restaurants, but we must ensure that the diner continues to enjoy our gastronomy, within his possibilities." And the De Gusta is a good way to achieve it.

Of the 42 participating establishments, 21 offer tapas, 17 a menu and there are also 4 pastry shops that add the sweet note. The De Gusta will be the final fireworks of the Gastronomic Spring, with which it will be possible to savor the proposal of each establishment. In addition to the tapas route or the gastronomic menus, there is a parallel program of activities, such as the conference 'The social dimensions of food' on May 24, in which Ada Parellada, cook and Cruz de Sant Jordi will intervene. There will also be a pairing with wines from the D.O. Alella made by women on the 25th.