Relationship Issues and How To Deal With Them

Relationship Issues and How To Deal With Them

25 September 2018 Tuesday 10:23
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Relationship Issues and How To Deal With Them

There is no such thing as the perfect relationship as all great relationships do take quite a bit of work. Regardless if you have been with a person for a few months or even years the relationship will need work to maintain. People who often get lazy in a relationship might see many of their relationships simply fizzle out due to lack of work done. Taking a proactive approach on maintaining your relationship is important because if you are not going to do it, then who is? The following are relationship issues and how to deal with them.


Abuse comes in many forms but the most obvious is that of physical abuse. Abusers usually escalate their behavior so it is important to leave this type of situation immediately as your life might depend on it. Verbal abuse should not be tolerated but it is also important to understand that people like to joke around; you will most likely know the difference. The last type of abuse is that of financial abuse where one party is taking advantage of the other person in the relationship who more than likely is doing better in a financial sense.


Infidelity can be caused by a variety of factors but overall it is a betrayal of trust. The most important thing if you decide to continue the relationship is to get to the root of the cheating. This could be alcohol use or a lack of physical intimate moments in the current relationship. Going to a therapist is going to be an option as many people do not want to have these type of tough conversations or do not have the ability without getting upset.

Lack of Communication

Being able to communicate what is bothering you is important as bottling up your emotions is just asking for trouble. Communicating not only can help a couple avoid issues but it can also make them feel closer. Role playing is a great way to find out how the other person feels like you communicate with them. You might see that you could be difficult to approach or take a defensive tone when confronted. This will take putting your egos to the side as it can be tough to hear our shortcomings especially when it is coming from your significant other.

Be Realistic About The Chances Of Your Relationship

Not all relationships are meant to work out and if you are married be honest about the marriage. Being honest about a relationship could lead you to start call around to find the best divorce attorney in town. If you are not marriage or cohabitating then the breakup should be done in person. Breaking up with someone over text or email is a cold thing and the person deserves to be told face to face. There might be bargaining but you have made your decision and it is time to stick with it.

As you can see there are issues that can be solved and those that should kill a relationship immediately. Take a look at your own relationship to see where you can start improving today.



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