Promoting your business online and through print media- An Overview

20 November 2020 Friday 12:03
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Promoting your business online and through print media- An Overview

Expanding your business during the pandemic may not be possible always but you can at least prevent it from shutting down. We already know that many people have lost their jobs, many business entities have brought down their shutters, and many more are in line.

The global economy is in haywire and when it will normalize is something even the most experienced of economists will not be able to predict, given the uncertainty that looms large the world over.

So, when you are not being able to reach out to your target audience, it is best to keep them at least engaged and let them know that you are operating even during these troubled times.

Find out how you can go about the same.

H2 Promoting your business- What are the avenues you can opt for?

Aside from offering digital advertisements to your clients, whether old or new, you can resort to print media too. There are many such magazines that allow latest weekly ads to be posted.

You can choose one such magazine and post an ad. Let your target audience know what new you have to offer to them?

Regardless of whether it is groceries you are advertising about or you intend to focus on promotions of the existing products and services, your options are galore.

Groceries- How can you make your products appealing?

If it is groceries that you are dealing with, you can always allow your customers to enjoy combo packs. You can always offer one product as a freebie with another one.

For optimum results, publish the weekly ads so that you will be able to know your turnover or how much you are earning every week. Depending on how much you are earning every week, you can make modifications to your marketing approach and rework your promotions strategy.

By carefully assessing your returns, you will be in a better position to find out how your weekly ads are doing to help you with the sales.

When it comes to print media, it is not just the magazine, but essentially the newspapers too. You must have seen that every newspaper has a separate page that is full of weekly ads.

So, you can post your business ads not just in the magazines but also in the newspapers. Select the language that you preferand think will be viewed the most.

It is best to publish your ads in English and regional language or local dialect.

Promoting your business online

Having said about the print media, let us turn to online media through which you can go for promotions.

Few of the options that you can turn to for marketing virtually include affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, or cost-per-click, subscriptions, offering shopping carts to consumers through an e-commerce website, and so on.

Freebies and discounts

Regardless of whether you are offering groceries, or any other product or services, freebies and discounts are always appealing.

Alternatively, you can arrange for cards that can be redeemed at a later stage. Another options that can help in promotions is that you can give a discount if a consumer buys stuff that exceeds a particular amount.

All these deals can be advertised in the weekly ads as a means of sales and promotions measure.

However just make sure that what you offer to your clients as latest weekly ads are updated and not older ones. Review the ads, study or assess the outcome or how these ads are performing and work upon your marketing strategies at regular intervals.