There are many signs that warn us about our dog’s intelligence. For example, he might bring us a toy or use any other behavior we have taught him (sitting or pawing) to play with us. Other furry dogs are capable of knocking down obstacles or opening doors if one of them prevents them from reaching their goal.

And unusual skills are also seen, such as a dog getting ice from the refrigerator on its own, as can be seen in a TikTok post.

In the video, you can see how the little furry guy climbs into the refrigerator, which has a water and ice dispenser. The dog seems to have observed his owners: they arrive, put the glass in and press the button with the chosen option.

The dog does the same, but using its paw. Every time he gives it, an ice comes out and he ends up eating it. Like this several times, to the surprise of his human friend, who can’t believe what she sees. She ends up resigned: “Don’t worry, I clean the refrigerator a lot.”

The dog’s tremendous ability has generated dozens of comments on this social network. “It’s incredible how they adapt to everything,” says one. “We are all that little dog. Now more with the heat,” continues another. And some summary: “Beautiful and hydrated.”