Reggaetón and perreo have long since crossed the borders of Puerto Rico, their country of origin. The artists of the genre are also well-known: Don Omar, Bad Bunny, Karol G, Ozuna or Daddy Yankee, who many remember for his legendary song Gasolina, which continues to resonate in homes and clubs twenty years later.

Perreo is not only universal, but it is danced by anyone and even some dogs. That is the case of the Chihuahua that has gone viral on social networks thanks to its incredible dance, to the rhythm of Daddy Yankee.

As seen in a video published on TikTok, the furry dog ​​starts dancing with the complicity of his owner, who encourages him and even pretends to sing to him.

The Chihuahua moves its tail at devilish speed. At the same time, he dances around the room, doing some jumps. And what draws users’ attention the most: his twerking. The furry one moves with incredible ease to the floor and does not hesitate to move forward crawling all over the carpet.

The dance has excited the users of this social network. “The dog is on the ground,” says one. Another is amazed by the dog’s ability: “I call that intense perreo.” “Now that is a dog at the highest level,” adds another. And many say: “My day has become much better.”