Oral Bacteria Makes Certain Cancers Worse

Oral Bacteria Makes Certain Cancers Worse

08 mart 2019 Friday 06:06
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Oral Bacteria Makes Certain Cancers Worse

When it comes to oral hygiene, we all know that certain bacteria in the mouth may contribute to health conditions. Recent studies are showing that bacteria play a larger role in personal health and well-being than initial expectations. By discussing the risks with your patients, you can help them take precautions to improve their well-being.

Bacteria and Cancer

The impact of oral bacteria on colon cancer is a growing concern. New studies into oral bacteria and their impact on your health have shown that the same bacteria that causes plaque on your teeth may worsen colon cancer.

The studies do not suggest that the bacteria cause cancer, but it does contribute to worsening existing cancer growth in the colon. A key challenge associated with the oral bacteria is the fact that you will swallow some bacteria in your normal day. Good oral hygiene is a key part of protecting the health of your patients. You want to make sure they know the potential risks and have information to limit the risks in their lives.

Caring for Your Patients

New studies and information help medical professionals provide proper care for their patients. When you dress up in your men's scrub sets and start a shift to work with your patients, you will want to have the latest information available for their well-being.

Part of caring for your patients is keeping them informed about their situation. If you have patients who were diagnosed with colon cancer or any other cancer in the gut, then you will want to discuss the risks of oral bacteria. Explain the new studies and make sure they are aware of the potential concerns that may arise without proper hygiene. You will want to encourage them to visit a dental professional to check for any oral health concerns that may allow the growth of fusobacterium nucleatum, or FN, which is the bacteria that causes complications with cancer. By encouraging your patients to check on their teeth and gums, you will have enough information to verify if they have a high risk and take steps to reduce their risks with proper treatments.

Oral bacteria may worsen certain types of cancer, but that also offers an opportunity when it comes to cancer treatment. By eliminating the harmful bacteria and ensuring your patients have better oral hygiene, you help reduce the risk of complications from oral bacteria. The key is working with your patients and keeping them informed to ensure they take proper steps for their health.

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