Non-dual Realization and the Personal Self

28 October 2020 Wednesday 12:37
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Non-dual Realization and the Personal Self

Human beings have an in-depth potential for an advanced spiritual maturity phase, wherein you find a more subtle, unified dimension of your being. In the Eastern spiritual literature, this revelation is called non-dual realization or enlightenment. It is a distinct shift in the way you experience yourselves and your general surroundings. Let’s find what is Non duality.

What Does Non-duality Entail?

Non-duality is the view that reality is an ideal whole or oneness. It depends on direct experience, not just intellectual speculation. It explains how variety can show up within non-dual reality. The theory is firmly associated with strategies and the way of life through which it might be verified in your own experience.

Non-Dual Realization and the Personal Self

Non-dual realization is simply the lived experience of oneself as made of very subtle, bound together cognizance. By “made of,” you mean that every bit of one’s body – entirely through the internal space of oneself – is experienced as a subtle, unified consciousness. Simultaneously, everything outside is additionally experienced as made of this same consciousness.

As this all-unavoidable, unified consciousness, there is no obstruction among oneself and the environment, no limit between one’s internal and external experience. This doesn’t mean that there is no internal or outer experience. It means that internal and external events register in one unified space of unpretentious consciousness.

Understanding of Fundamental Consciousness

This essential component of consciousness has various names in Eastern spiritual literature. Among these names, you’ll discover pure consciousnesses, or self, in the Hindu system, and self-recognizing, early-stage awareness or rigpa in the Tibetan Buddhist system, also called fundamental consciousness.

Fundamental consciousness is experienced as brilliant quietness or emptiness. Within luminous, all-pervasive stillness moves the continually changing dance of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions. The more thoroughly you come to know yourself as the stillness, the more easily, profoundly, and vividly the movement of life occurs and flows.

As the essential level of your being, understanding the fundamental consciousness is not something separate from the "content" of experience flowing through it. It is not a detached transcendence, not simply an impersonal witness, for it is directly as far as you can tell.

In this subtle consciousness, you are both the witness and the experiencing being simultaneous. You are disentangled from the content as if you don’t grab onto it, don't clamp down on it, do not deny, or distort it. You permit it to flow.

Therefore, as fundamental consciousness, you gain more ability to witness and greater ability to experience simultaneously. You’ll become both more unraveled from life and all the more directly, intensely immersed in life.

Benefits of Non-Dual Realization

Non-dual realization is an openness to experience. As a fundamental awareness, you become transparent. You become clear-through. What is this transparency? It is contact. Emptiness and contacts are interchangeable. They both mean that there is no partition between oneself and one’s insight.

Subtle, unified consciousness is the element of direct, complete contact – with both your form and your general surroundings. The more profoundly inward you can contact your form, the more open you are, and the more responsive you are to your current circumstance.

The Implications of Self -Realization

Once you understand what is non duality, you’ll realize that it isn’t a negation or a “falling away” of yourself. It is a realization of your personal self, inward aging. The Eastern lessons sometimes discuss a state of selflessness, or “no-self” as illumination.

You believe these teachings are intended to assist individuals with relinquishing the static organizations of self-experience – the self-images, habitual attitudes, bound emotion, and psychological protections – that shield us from entering completely into subtle consciousness.

Yet, the idea of no-self is sometimes misunderstood by western students as guidance to try to eradicate your sense of existing. This makes fragmentation between us and your experience, as opposed to the oneness of non-duality. Non-duality is acknowledged in the deepest depths of the personal self. It is the maturity, despite the eradication, of the personal self.

Bottom line

As fundamental consciousness, you become yourself genuinely; you become benefitted human beings. There is an extraordinary delight in this authenticity. You can get the free flow of your thoughts and reactions. You are separated from everyone else with yourselves and at one with your environment simultaneously.

The psychological rigidities that have restricted your experience begin to dissolve, and you can touch and see the world around us. Suppose you don’t clamp down on your desires. In that case, you are additionally ready to witness the mysterious correlation between your desires and your conditions, and life turns into a stream of blessings.

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