Moving From California To Connecticut? 5 Things To Know About Connecticut

Moving From California To Connecticut? 5 Things To Know About Connecticut

30 October 2019 Wednesday 04:13
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Moving From California To Connecticut? 5 Things To Know About Connecticut

California might be the Golden State that embodies living goals for many, but there are several other amazing places to live within the United States. One such place is Connecticut. Whether you’re planning to move because of a new job or there is any other reason that motivates you to explore a new region, moving from California to Connecticut requires some knowledge.

Connecticut is a beautiful and unique area in itself, so the change might be a wonderful one for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you’re considering such a move:

1. The Moving Season


Connecticut’s May and April might not be the ideal moving months, as they bring a decent amount of rain. The snow during winter can also make moving a nuisance, so pick and choose your timings carefully. The fall and summer are usually the best times to make a move.

Plus, you should apply for your parking permit as early as you can. This is even more important if you’re moving to an urban area. For the suburbs and rural areas, parking shouldn't be a huge issue.

The moving season also means that contractors and moving services will likely be quite busy at this time. Therefore, it’s wise to make your own bookings early. Besides, you can change your address by using an online service.

2. Discovering New Places

There’s usually a new place to discover nearby whether you’re living at The Waypointe or you’ve chosen one of the homes by visiting this website: If you’re in Mystic, for instance, you can check out the Seaport museum with its ancient ships. The Mystic Aquarium has Beluga whales, which could be of great interest to everyone in the family.  

Keep the surroundings in mind when you’re looking for homes to live in. The median income in Connecticut is quite high, so you’ll be able to afford the steep prices. Look around a bit, and you’ll also be able to discover the attractions of Connecticut. You might settle for a starter home or apartment at first, but Connecticut has a lot more to offer than you see at first sight.

3. Commuting

As you move to Connecticut, you’ll notice construction delays, rush hour traffic, and congested roads. On the upside, there are several natural scenic routes as well as seasonal colors that are truly delightful to experience.

If your job involves daily commuting, you should select a way to commute beforehand. The good news is that you can choose from a variety of options. Some of these include carpooling, bus, vanpool, and rail. If your workplace is nearby your home, you can choose to walk.

4. Dealing With the Weather

The weather in Connecticut gives you absolutely gorgeous seasons. Plus, this state has a relatively positive record as far as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes go. You can also look forward to cool summers, cold yet tolerable winters, as well as balmy days.

5. Schooling Considerations

There’s a solid educational system in Connecticut. Therefore, you can get an update on your specific area if you have kids. The information about district zoning, along with location maps and other information should all be available online. Westport’s schools are among the highest-ranked in this area, so you should see what your priorities are.

The Takeaway

While Connecticut might take some getting used to, this is true of any new place. The points above will help you get used to the area and make the most of your new home. Keep your chin up and enjoy the gorgeous seasons; you’re sure to find a lot to love about your new life!



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