The Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, already has a verdict for its Best of the Best category, product design. This is the Libera lighting system from the Italian firm iGuzzini, which has been designed by Artec Studio under the creative direction of Maurici Ginés. Accumulating awards and recognitions such as the IF design Award or the Delta ADI Awards 2024 Selection, Libera presents a modular and scalable design that goes beyond mere functionality to offer aesthetic and flexible solutions.

Based on criteria that range from practicality, intuitive use, social benefit, to emotional appeal, among others, the Red Dot Design Award jury, made up of 39 experts made up of teachers, consultants, journalists and industrial design professionals, has chosen the Artec Studio design as the maximum expression of these values.

Libera allows the creation of lighting compositions adaptable to any space, whether residential or office. Freedom and flexibility combined with the idea of ​​pragmatism and good design result in what, in the words of the creative director and founder of Artec Studio, Maurici Ginés, defines as “a deep reflection on the role of light in different typologies of space and how users interact with it.”

The choice of its characteristics and edges are not trivial because, as Ginés states, “more than 100 Libera compositions were made to verify that it was a meaningful product and that it provided something new.” The brass joint has a characteristic design that highlights formal and functional transitions and allows fluid 360º movements with the absence of external wiring.

In this way, creative expression and design are accentuated in favor of an innovation: free light. From iGuzzini they consider the use of light in Libera an invitation to understand it as an instrument of composition, to give light to the imagination and the play of subtlety. The innovative factor comes from the idea according to Ginés of “allowing those who use it to express creativity and style by designing a graphic expression in space.” In order to highlight this maxim, the designers at Artec Studio had to free themselves from the formal stereotypes of product design, immediately finding less conventional, brighter solutions.