How to Create a Calming and Peaceful Sleep Sanctuary

How to Create a Calming and Peaceful Sleep Sanctuary

18 August 2020 Tuesday 06:02
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How to Create a Calming and Peaceful Sleep Sanctuary

Is your bedroom a sanctuary, or is it more of a laundry pile storage area?

If you’re feeling more tired or anxious than usual, it’s time to reclaim your bedroom as a sleep oasis. After all, the research shows that poor sleep can lead to bad moods, impaired school or work performance, weight gain, and even diabetes. For those of us who like to burn the candle at both ends, that’s not exactly good news!

If you’d like to banish the adverse effects of sleep deprivation from your life, it’s time to take your bedroom to the next level. Read on to discover some scientifically backed methods for transforming your bedroom into your very own sleep palace.

Tip #1: Choose Calming Decor

You may love shades like fuchsia and black, or splashy, vivid floral or plaid patterns. Use them as much as you’d like in the rest of the house, but you should avoid putting them in your bedroom.


Simply put, exciting colors and patterns are too energizing for your brain, and will distract you while you’re trying to wind down.

Instead of decorating your bedroom in orange or yellow, or indulging in your love of stripes, embrace a neutral color palette for your boudoir. Try a color scheme of soft whites and blues, or play around with different solid shades of ivory and ecru.

If you feel like this will deprive your bedroom furnishings of personality, we do recommend getting experimental with your textures. Try layering a furry white rug over a thick, diamond-patterned beige area rug, or splurge on a chic knitted pillow or a cashmere throw.

Tip #2: Buy Better Bedding
Are you sleeping on the same sheet set you’ve had since college? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. You may also find that a new coverlet improves the look of your room, encouraging you to make your bed (and spruce up your room) every morning.

In addition, some bedding is designed to treat sleep-interrupting health issues. You can get rid of night sweats with breathable linen sheets, while a GERD pillow can help prevent the uncomfortable side effects of acid reflux. 

Tip #3: Don’t Work or Hang Out in Your Bedroom

If you regularly work or watch TV in your bedroom, consider doing otherwise. Studies have shown that the habits of consuming media and checking your email in your bedroom interfere with your body’s ability to fully relax.

Instead, treat this space as a sleep sanctuary; work in your home office and confine TV-watching to the living room. That way, your body will automatically relax when entering your room, rather than remaining alert and tense.

Tip #4: Dim the Lights

Is your bedroom mainly lit by an overhead light? Not only is this kind of lighting unflattering, it may also be interfering with your sleep. Turn off that overwhelming overhead light and outfit your bedroom with floor or table lamps instead.

We like table lamps that are already designed to be dim, but any floor lamps that are equipped with dimming switches will work. After all, you don’t cook or craft in your bedroom (hopefully), so the bright lighting required for tasks just isn’t necessary here.

Tip #5: Augment Your Sleep with Scents & Supplements

When arranging your sleep sanctuary, don’t forget about a key part of a soothing environment: its scent. Your bedroom should smell of cozy things with pleasant aromas, such as cookies, fresh lavender, or autumn leaves.

To further enhance your nighttime relaxation, consider taking a sleep-boosting supplement, such as melatonin or magnesium. CBD can have a calming effect as well. Just remember to check dosage instructions for the best results.

You Deserve Your Own Oasis

Being a responsible adult means taking your health seriously, and high-quality sleep is a major component of a healthy lifestyle.

You may be tempted to skimp on sleep in order to get more work done, do more chores, or sneak in a little leisure. While that’s understandable, your body and mood will pay the toll for sleep deprivation, often more severely than you would expect.

Instead of resisting your much-needed shuteye, make it a fun endeavor by revamping your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. You’ll be glad that you did.



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