Golden Retriever Training Basics

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds for today’s family

Golden Retriever Training Basics

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds for today’s family

06 October 2017 Friday 09:39
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Golden Retriever Training Basics

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds for today’s family. They are not only beautiful and friendly, but they are intelligent, playful and eager to please. Golden Retriever training is easy because of the breed’s natural characteristics. A dog who enjoys people, loves to please, and likes to eat gives the trainer plenty of leverage to use to control and manage the dog’s behavior.

A well trained dog makes a perfect family pet and a well-trained Golden Retriever will give you and your family years of friendship and enjoyment. Training any dog is not an easy task because it takes consistency and a little bit of know-how. It’s easy to become frustrated and discouraged when your pet seems to be in control of you. Eliminate any suspicion of illness by visiting your vet regularly and give your puppy proper treatment when required. Always buy treatment for your puppy from a certified pet meds supplier, nowadays easily found online, PetCareRX being a leading provider for decades. Then, only when you are sure your puppy is in perfect health, you can start with the training.

Learning a few basic methods of Golden Retriever training will help you turn your little, fluffy bundle of joy into a treasured family pet.

Crate Training Your Dog

The best way to housebreak any dog is to use a crate to train them where and when to go to the bathroom. It’s a simple way to control their behavior as a dog will not go in their crate unless left in it way too long. Many people avoid using a crate to train their dogs because they think it is cruel to lock them up in a cage.

But that’s people thinking. If you could think like a dog you’d realize that dogs love a small place to call their own. Once they get used to it you will find they sleep in it even when the door is left open.

To crate train your dog the first step is to make it comfortable. Add blankets or bedding to soften the floor and one or two toys. Nestle a treat or two in the bedding and then guide your puppy to the crate. Let him go in the crate and find a treat and he will be hooked on the crate lifestyle!

Leave your puppy in the crate for short periods of time and then take him outside to potty. Be sure and give him lots of praise whenever he behaves the way you want him to behave.

Eliminating Chewing & Biting

Most dogs chew instinctively. They do this for a variety of reasons. Just like babies who are teething, a puppy’s gums and teeth can be bothersome and so they chew on any kind of surface that feels good to them. In addition, the “mouth” objects out of curiosity and playfulness. Proper Golden Retriever training requires teaching your dog what is appropriate to chew on and what is not.

Offering your dog plenty of appropriate chew tones and bones will keep them busy chewing what is okay to chew so they do not have time to chew the wrong things. A dog who is left alone for long periods of time and who does not get enough exercise will often chew out of boredom. If he nips at you in playfulness, give him a chew toy to keep his mouth busy while you’re playing with him.

Golden Retriever training takes time and patience but is well worth the effort. You and your dog will be happier and more relaxed when properly trained. Golden Retrievers are responsive to praise and treats as rewards for good behavior. They are active, high energy dogs and sometimes they have short attention spans during training. Keep training sessions short and enjoyable and your Golden will well behaved in no time.

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