Get to Know Bong Structure and Its Benefits

Get to Know Bong Structure and Its Benefits

28 June 2018 Thursday 03:35
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Get to Know Bong Structure and Its Benefits

Bong is a common device used to consume cannabis. It is also referred as bing, binger, billy, and some connoisseurs even name their pieces personalizing an inanimate object within their sharing sessions.

Bong evolution has seen it designed from materials including plastic, clay, glass, ceramics, bamboo, and hand-carved wood. Appearance and materials are of little difference because all function similarly.

Bongs are basically water pipes with myriads of variations, which display the manufacturer’s imagination.

Standard bong structure

  1. Bowl or bulbous removable attachment to load and combust dry herbs
  2. Carb is a tiny hole that helps to clear smoke spread in the entire bong chamber
  3. Downstem is a tiny tube, which allows smoke travel from bowl to base for cooling
  4. Base are of different shapes. Common style is beaker or bubble shaped base, which is used as water chamber, where smoke percolates through water and cools
  5. Tube is the chamber filled with cooled smoke that ends in mouthpiece

All the bong parts are available in different shapes, designs, and colors depending on its aim for functioning.

Benefits of smoking from bong


Upfront is the first disadvantage you will experience but the good thing is that the bong will last a lifetime with little caution. You will need to be ready to pay a little more for a decent bong to avoid visiting the store frequently to buy a new one.

Offers water filtration

The key advantage and a total game changer for people who smoke. Water filtration perform a couple of good acts like cooling the smoke and filtering the ash and toxic chemicals, which end in your mouth. Hot smoke can irritate your throat and even damage lungs. Switching to a bong is the best healthier solution.

Gives big hit

Bong smoking offers a big hit than cannabis joint smoking. New users may feel a little overwhelmed to bong smoking but there is no need to completely fill the bowl with smoke. Bong can be used for small hits, if that is what makes you feel more comfortable. Slowly, you can prepare yourself to enjoy the big hits.

Lots of options

Bong is designed for different materials. Some materials are porous like ceramic, which makes cleaning hard but glass and steel bong are durable, inert and non-porous. There are no concerns about harmful residue and change of flavor. Silicon bong is unbreakable, which is a good option for regular smoker. You can choose one according to your style and needs. Regular cleaning is needed because it helps to maintain vaping performance.

They are masterpieces

When you a buy a bong it means you are getting something created by hands. There are no automatic bong devices available. Shapes and functions are so diverse and innovative just like the artists creating them. You can find one that defines your individual aesthetic taste. For example, some people prefer scientific and clear look, while others desire designed and colored glass bong.

When you compare bong experience with standard dry pipe, result is smoother toke, easy on your throat and lungs than hot, dry heat from hand pipe.



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