Gain muscle with dog food, the latest trend on TikTok

Fashions are now set by TikTok.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 May 2023 Thursday 11:08
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Gain muscle with dog food, the latest trend on TikTok

Fashions are now set by TikTok. It is the place by definition to find the latest trends and where anyone can go viral. The most recent is a new diet aimed at people, especially men, who have the goal of gaining muscle mass. What he proposes is to consume dog food as a source of protein. An absurd fashion that some influencers have shared online, where they accumulate millions of views, and which threatens to gain followers.

It all started when Herny Clarisey, a young man who shares fitness content on his online profile, discovered that dog food contains a colossal amount of protein, the star element for gaining muscle. And since shrillness is one of the paths to fame on the net, he decided to give it a try.

In a first video, he informed his followers of the discovery and promised to consume a bowl of product for dogs on the condition that the video exceeded 15,000 likes. And he did it in spades. As of today, it accumulates more than 21 million views and 2.5 million likes. So, without hesitation, the young tiktoker decided to try food for pets.

At first, the only drawback he found was that it is an "extremely dry" food. However, the disgusted faces that she showed during the video were not consistent with her argument. Ultimately, he had to admit to his fans that even though it was "a lot of protein," he wasn't going to keep going because "it's not worth it." But the idea had already become a trend.

Other similar profiles began to share the protein benefits of introducing this product to the usual diet. The tiktoker @adrianherrerocoach maintained in a video titled 'The best food to gain muscle mass': "Well, I don't think it tastes that bad either, and depending on the results, it may even be worth it." Also, Clarisey shared another TikTok in which she did the same with cat food.

It is known that protein is interesting for those who are interested in increasing their muscle mass. The use of specialized products, such as shakes or bars, are common among these image-obsessed athletes. But dog food, obviously, is not intended for this practice and consuming it can carry some risks.

The main problem is that products intended for canine consumption do not follow the same food safety controls for sale as human food, and this means that what is safe for animals does not necessarily have to be safe for men. On the other hand, the nutritional needs of pets and their owners are not the same.

Finally, although it is often not taken into account, it should be remembered that an excess of protein in the diet can also have negative effects. Although the belief that consuming a lot of protein could lead to kidney damage has been disproved, nutritionists warn that excessive intake leads to displacing other equally important nutrient-dense products.

In any case, for people who set themselves the goal of increasing their muscle mass, the recommendation is always to do it with the help of an expert. Especially since, in general terms, we Spaniards more than cover the recommended amounts of protein.