Elevations RTC Uses Its Unique Location For Winter Recreational Activities

Having fun outdoors can vary greatly depending on the time of year

Elevations RTC Uses Its Unique Location For Winter Recreational Activities

Having fun outdoors can vary greatly depending on the time of year

15 February 2021 Monday 16:08
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Elevations RTC Uses Its Unique Location For Winter Recreational Activities

Having fun outdoors can vary greatly depending on the time of year. For most people, they enjoy spending time outdoors during the warmer months, but they tend to stay indoors during the winter. Even schools usually keep students indoors as much as possible when the temperature drops, as it is too much of a hassle and too uncomfortable to go outdoors regularly.

Elevations RTC address provides some pretty cold weather during the winter months. Instead of shying away from outdoor activities, they have decided to embrace their location to make the most of it. This is great news for students at Elevations RTC, as new challenges are presented recreationally and through experimental education.

All of this cuts down on the chances of dealing with seasonal depression, along with other issues teenagers might find enhanced during long, dark days indoors. How is winter tackled from a recreational standpoint? This is what teenagers should expect when the temperature drops.

Outdoor activities on campus in the winter

With plenty of open space on campus, outdoor activities are still going on throughout the winter months at Elevations RTC. Students can play team sports like soccer, or set up more unique opportunities outdoors as well. Fields stay well kept and maintained as much as possible so students can remain safe while enjoying what they love best.

Just like during the summer, there is physical fitness programming that happens every day of the week for at least an hour a day. Some love the luxury of picking from something individual like yoga and weight training, while others will stick to team sports.

If the weather is too unbearable for long extended periods, there are plenty of opportunities to go inside and stay active as well. Whether it is the full gym or other parts of campus, there is plenty of shelter for when the weather gets to be to the point that it is no longer enjoyable.

Some students arrive from warm locations, where they might not know much about this level of cold during the winter months. While it may take persuading to get into some of the outdoor activities on campus, it is an excellent icebreaker for those trying to become a bit more outgoing overall. Oftentimes, students who do have experience with colder temperatures will lead the way and inspire those who have never experienced these temperatures and snow to make the most of the situation.

Outdoor activities away from campus

As great as the outdoor activities are on campus during the winter months, where the Elevations RTC address shines is the ability to step away for a bit. The unique setting of the campus makes it very easy to access so many beautiful spots nearby. Whether it is simply cold, or there is fresh snow on the ground, there are a few activities that some can experience for the first time in their life.

Skiing, snowboarding, and other similar activities is always a major hit with students and Elevations RTC. Each year, planned trips are organized to provide one of the more unique recreational activities at any residential treatment center in the country. Few locations have nearby spots to take on the slopes and allow students to experience unique activities.

Hiking in the winter is also a fairly unique experience compared to the summer months. There are different sets of challenges, and some people enjoy hiking much more during this time of year. Groups of students can easily pull off hiking days with ease.

Many students and family members are very surprised with the variety offered by the location in Utah. There are so many natural areas to explore built for the winter months. Fighting off seasonal depression, or simply working towards meeting a health goal is much easier with a variety of opportunities. Some people pick up a brand new hobby for the first time in their life just by getting into something while attending Elevations RTC.

Experimental, Leisure, and community service education

A few times during each year, there are some different options for students to get outside and enjoy life outside the classroom. This might not be exercising in the typical stern sense of the word, but it is possible to do it during the winter just as much of the summer.

Experimental education opportunities involve focusing on specific areas and enhancing skills in that category. Whether it is a team or individual activity, these are usually held during parent seminars to maximize their effectiveness.

Leisure education is also important during the winter months, as it is always important to figure out things to do that are not necessarily extremely strenuous. Whether it is holding a community event, going to the movie, or taking in a sporting event, leisure education makes more of a difference than many people realize.

Community service

Being part of a community does not stop at the campus borders. Almost all community activities are related in some way to the environment through recreation, which is a great way to stay active while also getting back. This is another skill that translates well to returning home and getting back into the swing of things.

New ideas all the time

Elevation RTC offers so much to the students right now, and they are always coming up with new ideas as well. New ideas are needed to keep students on their toes as much as possible. Whenever students get something new on the calendar, there is a new level of excitement that takes over.



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