Dealing with Professional Cleaning Staff to Ensure Quality Service

Dealing with Professional Cleaning Staff to Ensure Quality Service

03 September 2018 Monday 11:12
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Dealing with Professional Cleaning Staff to Ensure Quality Service

Hiring professional cleaners to work in your office is a good idea. They know what to do to keep the place clean. If the staff fail to do the job well, you could inform their agency about it. They will send new staff to do the job. It is easier for you if you choose commercial cleaning services in London instead of asking your employees to be responsible for cleaning up their mess.

Asking for professional help is just the first step in the process. There are other things you need to do if you want to ensure cleanliness in the office.

Orient the staff

On their first day, it is essential to speak with the cleaning staff, including their supervisor. You need to let them know what you want them to focus on, how many hours you allot for them to clean each day, and what you expect from them. Everything must be clear to them. If you want them to include carpet cleaning, they should also be aware of it.

Giving instructions

You should also let them know that there might be some changes in their job description each day depending on the need. For instance, if you have potential investors coming over, someone should clean up the conference room. It is not an area you use every day, but a guest is arriving. Therefore, they need to prioritise it.

Be friendly to them

They are not your direct employees, but you are still working with them. You interact with them each day. You ask for favours from them. Staying friendly with them is crucial. Treat them like they are your employees. If you want them to do something which is not a part of their daily routine, try to be polite about it. They will happily oblige. Try to gauge them first, to see if they are already exhausted before asking them to do another onerous task. 

Learn when to raise complaints

Try to observe their performance for the first few weeks. You can inform their agency if you are happy about their services. If not, you should also be honest about it. You need to raise complaints as soon as possible so that the agency will change them. You can't let them stay if they don't meet your expectations.

Of course, you also need to be understanding. You are running a huge office. You should try to be considerate. Don't just complain because of a minor issue that you can quickly resolve. As long as you are friendly to them, and you are clear about what you want, they will also try their best to provide the best possible services.

Once you feel satisfied with the service they provide, you can sign a longer-term contract. You can work with the same company for years to come. After some time, everything will be smooth. You won't need to keep checking on them if they are doing the job well. They know what to do, and they are responsible enough.


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