Checkout Saver: How You Can Save While You Shop

Checkout Saver: How You Can Save While You Shop

07 July 2020 Tuesday 12:30
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Checkout Saver: How You Can Save While You Shop

Now, more than ever, online shopping has become an integral part of our day to day lives. But during these times there is a good chance that every dollar you can save is incredibly worthwhile for you. That’s why you should (pun intended) check out, Checkout Saver.

Checkout Saver is a new extension for Google Chrome that will help you save money when you are doing your online shopping. Checkout Saver is a cashback app. What that means is that for every dollar you spend online, you will get a set amount back. This works like many of the credit card services you can sign up for, with one added bonus; it’s completely free! Not only is it free, but it is also incredibly easy to use. Let’s check it out.


To get started in Checkout Saver, there are only a few steps that you must follow.

  1. On your PC or mobile device, launch Google Chrome
  2. Navigate to
  3. On the homepage, scroll down and click on the button that says “add to Chrome”
  4. This opens a page in the Google Chrome Webstore. Here you must click the blue “Add to Chrome” button

That is all that it takes to get started with Checkout Saver. Now you can be on your way to saving hundreds or thousands of dollars off your online purchases.

How it Works

Checkout Saver uses a handful of methods to ensure that you are saving as much money as absolutely possible. But what are these methods exactly and why haven’t you been using them all along?

Well, the first technique is one that is so incredibly common that you are likely already using it. Credit cards with cashback rates have been becoming the norm for the past several years. These cards offer you a chance to earn around 2% of purchases back as cash off of your bills. Some cards like Costco’s Mastercard even send you a check at the end of the year that can be worth hundreds of dollars.

The next way Checkout Saver saves you money is through the use of affiliate links. If you are familiar with that term you are probably wondering how they could possibly save you money. Well, it is actually fairly simple.

Checkout Saver has partnered with hundreds of online retailers to make sure you get the best savings. This is done by using the commission earned by affiliate linking to give you up to 25% cashback on all purchases. For example, if you use Checkout Saver on AliExpress and purchase something worth $100, you could potentially get up to $25 back using this method alone! This AliExpress cashback could save you enough to pick up that extra item you wanted. If that doesn’t sound worthwhile to you, you may actually be crazy.

This type of discount can be even greater. With Checkout saver when you shop at the Meredith Magazine store you can get 30% cashback! This Meredith Magazine cashback could have you reading for days with the savings you’ll keep.

This next method of saving you money is unique to Checkout Saver, and ultimately is why the tool was created in the first place. Checkout saver has the ability to offer you discount gift cards at checkout. No other competing service offers this currently and it can lead to you saving a fair amount of money on every purchase.

If you don’t know what a discount gift card is, don’t worry, we can explain. Imagine you are opening a gift you received for your birthday and it included a gift card to a store that you don’t really want to go to. You are able to sell these unwanted cards online, but you will usually need to lower their cost to make it worthwhile for someone to purchase it.

Checkout Saver searches the web for these discount cards and will alert you if they would lower the overall cost of your current order. Say that you are making a purchase on Walmart’s website. Your cart is worth $50. Checkout Saver would alert you if there was a $50 gift card available at a reduced price, allow you to buy discount gift cards and apply it to your order. You essentially just spent, for example, $40 dollars on a gift card and received $50 worth of product.

Another extremely interesting feature of Checkout Saver is that it allows you to sell coupon codes or your store credit for cash. Checkout Saver then offers those coupons to consumers while they are checking out, and they can buy them at a discount and save money on their order. This allows Checkout Saver to be its own contained ecosystem of saving that benefits everyone the more users that sign up.

With all that being said, why wait to sign up? Checkout Saver is a completely free tool that will allow you to earn while you shop and save money on far more purchases than competing services could ever hope to. Start saving today and add Checkout Saver to your browser!

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