Best European Hairstyles of 2019

Best European Hairstyles of 2019

12 August 2019 Monday 15:51
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Best European Hairstyles of 2019

From the curly hairstyles donned by the ancient Romans to the powdered wigs and pouf hairstyle of Marie Antoinette of 17th century France. There is no question that women have always attributed much of their beauty to their signature hairstyles. In 2019, it is no different. 

According to recent data, for example, in the United States, a woman will spend, on average, approximately $50,000 on hair products and treatments in a lifetime. There is no doubt that hair is considered a major factor in attractiveness.

Some of the most well known European hairstyles of today are worn by women all over the world. Here are some of the most popular options.

The Bob Haircut

Originating during the 1920s, a time of societal change in which people were going against cultural norms, the bob haircut became popular for its shorter than usual style.

Typically, a woman with a bob hairstyle, cut her hair evenly all around just below the ears. Nowadays, this look has been altered and includes a wide variety of lengths and styles from curly to straight.

The Messy Up-Do

Women wearing this hairstyle tie their hair in a ponytail leaving strands to fall to the sides and back. This sort of hairstyle speaks for itself. A little mess, in this case, can surely bring out the beauty in your style.

Short Pixie Style

Want something a little shorter than usual? Are you tired of high-maintenance hair? This popular hairstyle has become a favorite style among European women. Many praise this style for its sophisticated look and how it can soften some of your facial features.

Women wearing this style often dye their hair or add highlights to make things a little more interesting. Unlike longer hair, this style provides women with a feminine but easy to maintain look that requires little to no styling.


For some women, simply tying their hair in a ponytail is the best way to go.  Instead of going through the trouble to style and go to the hairdresser, the simplicity of a ponytail is sometimes all you need to look good.  From going to work at the office, or maybe heading out for a run, this style will keep your hair from getting in the way.

Try Something New

Whether you’re going to the hairdresser or doing it yourself, you’ll definitely find something here to inspire you.  Most women want to look good when going out. These hairstyles are just some of the ways women can look their best for any occasion.



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