A baby gorilla named Mvougou has found a new home and a human foster mother following the death of his biological mother at the hands of poachers in Gabon. This little boy, who is only four months old, is one of the saddest and most recent cases of victims of animal trafficking in central Africa.

About a month ago, Mvougou was found in a small village in southern Gabon. The villagers supported him after his mother was hunted for meat. As a western lowland gorilla, it is a critically endangered species. Fortunately, a rescuer from the Gabon Untouched organization was able to collaborate with local authorities to rescue him and move him to a safe place.

Moving Mvougou to his new home involved an arduous two-day journey across the country. This place is located near the border with Congo, in a remote area where providing adequate food for a baby gorilla represents a challenge that is not easy to overcome. For the next 18 months, Mvougou will rely on infant formula, a substitute for the food she would have received from her mother.

Mvougou’s adoptive mother will be with him 24 hours a day, providing him with the care and affection he needs to develop and become a completely independent gorilla. This process will take around 18 months.

This type of care, even from one person, is crucial to Mvougou’s survival and well-being, as baby gorillas depend on maternal care for several years. Seeing Mvougou in a safe and healthy environment is proof of the effort and dedication of the team that is working on his rehabilitation.

As Mvougou grows and adapts to his protected environment, his progress will be monitored and documented to ensure his health and development. The ultimate goal is for this primate to be able to live freely in nature like any other gorilla would.