Activities to strengthen the bond between grandparents and grandchildren

Grandparents are an invaluable pillar in the lives of their grandchildren.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 March 2023 Friday 03:59
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Activities to strengthen the bond between grandparents and grandchildren

Grandparents are an invaluable pillar in the lives of their grandchildren. They are references for their education, they profess an infinite love for them and their bond is very special, different from the one they have with their parents. Currently, in fact, grandparents play a fundamental role in the care and education of children, being key to facilitating the reconciliation of family and work life for parents.

As a result, the grandchildren spend a lot of time with their grandparents and this can generate tensions due to conflicts related to the whims of the little ones, discrepancies with the norms of their education established by the parents or the fatigue in the grandparents derived from age. Apart from all this, it is an ideal opportunity to combat the unwanted loneliness of the elderly and increase their enthusiasm in this vital stage. While for children they are role models and a refuge to go to in search of unconditional affection.

However, it is very important to strengthen the bond between grandparents and grandchildren, allowing them to spend quality time together without the age difference being a problem. Maybe grandparents have a hard time understanding children's video games and they don't have to be interested in a hobby that their grandparents like either. Let's look at a few activities that you'll both love and will be perfect for having a good time together.

Setting up a cooking workshop where the grandparents teach their grandchildren their favorite recipes adapted to their level or with the little ones acting as kitchen helpers will be an entertaining and productive activity. You can also practice another skill that interests both of you, such as learning to play an instrument.

Crafts are another excellent alternative, so that both develop their creativity and artistic skills. Painting on canvases, making pottery with homemade kits, crafts with recycled materials... power of imagination.

Walking outdoors has numerous benefits for children and adults, both physically and mentally. A quiet walk through a park or an area of ​​nature, or even riding a bike, will strengthen your connection, you will observe the fauna and flora, share anecdotes and breathe fresh air. It is also a good idea to organize a cultural excursion, for example to a museum or the theater.

The life of the elderly is fascinating to the little ones and they always want to know more about their memories and anecdotes. You can make use of a photo album for the grandfather to narrate the stories behind each image, or for the children to prepare interviews to do with their grandparents about what arouses their curiosity the most. In this sense, there are special books for grandparents and grandchildren to deepen their relationship.

They are liked by young and old. Board games –whether they are board, card, brain teaser or mystery– are a time of entertainment, laughter and fun, also providing the opportunity to chat during the game.