Cuttlefish is a fish with high nutritional value and has many beneficial properties for health. It is a cephalopod mollusk also called cuttlefish or cuttlefish and is easy to find in supermarkets. It offers a lot of versatility in the kitchen, and can be prepared on the grill, in stews, stews for pasta dishes… and its ink is also used to make sauces, pastas and rice dishes.

Preparing grilled cuttlefish is very simple, just a splash of oil and it will be ready in a few minutes. Although there are those who add lemon, garlic, parsley or other spices to give it more flavor. Now, although cooking it does not involve much complication, it is common for it to be hard, thus wasting its exquisite flavor due to an unappetizing texture. To prevent the cuttlefish from being hard when you grill it, there is a very simple trick that will make you enjoy a very tender and succulent result.

Despite now working as a professional chef, Sergio Enciso Muriel was a fishmonger for 12 years. That being the case, it is not surprising that fish and seafood are one of his specialties behind the stove. On his Instagram profile @cocinadelpirata, he shares recipes and cooking tricks with his 697 thousand followers.

He recently published a video where he shares the step by step and his tricks so that the cuttlefish is not hard or with a chewy texture. First of all, you have to clean the cuttlefish, for which remove the tentacles, fins and excess imperfections. Next, make some cuts on the margins of the cuttlefish’s body and remove the skin.

“Cuttlefish is a cephalopod that has a lot of water,” explains the chef, so he proceeds to place it in a very hot pan without oil. Immediately the cuttlefish begins to release a kind of liquid that “what it does is cook the cuttlefish.” So, he lets the cuttlefish lose all that liquid for a minute and a half. After this time, he removes the cuttlefish and cleans the pan.

Finally, add a splash of oil to the pan and cook the cuttlefish for a couple of minutes on each side. “Another thing you should not do is make it into small squares to grill it, because the small squares will dry out and be harder,” she warns. “That’s why, if you make it whole and then cut it, it’s softer than Mother’s Day,” the expert promises. Once he knows it is cooked, he cuts it into smaller pieces and recommends adding garlic and parsley to enhance its flavor.