5 Ways To Help Defrost Your Vehicle

5 Ways To Help Defrost Your Vehicle

20 September 2018 Thursday 08:44
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5 Ways To Help Defrost Your Vehicle

Winter driving brings with it a lot of challenges! There’s tough terrain, winterizing your car, and the mountains of snow and slush, but the most inconvenient thing about winter driving is defrosting your car. Rushing through defrosting your car or taking it out on the road before it’s ready can cause damage to your vehicle, so make sure you follow these five tips to keep your car running perfectly all season long.

1. Turn On Your Defroster and Give It Time To Work

If you don’t give your vehicle adequate time to warm up, you could damage the engine. It’s easiest to warm up vehicles that have a push start, because you don’t need to be in the car with the key in the ignition in order to start the defrosting process. A good rule of thumb is when the windshield starts to defrost, the car is ready for use.

2. Don’t Use Your Wipers For Ice Removal

Using your wipers for ice removal could cause permanent damage to your wiper blades. The rubber on the wipers could get torn or detached from the wipers themselves, which means it’s going to affect your visibility and it might make it dangerous for you to drive. Only use your wipers after you have scraped the car or when the windshield is fully defrosted to keep them working correctly.

3. Use A De-Icing Spray On Your Windows

De-icing sprays are simple and effective ways to help clean your windows faster. Using a homemade concoction of alcohol and vinegar usually does the trick, as do many de-icing sprays you can purchase at any auto shop. Make sure that you do not use hot water on your windows. The change in temperature is too much for the glass and can crack your windshield in half. According to Ottawa Life: “By pouring warm water on your freezing cold windshield you ended up with a large crack down the side of it. Although it made mild sense in the heat of the moment, only after a second of reflection you realize why it was such a bad idea!”

4. Dust off snow from the roof of your car before driving

If you leave a tower of snow on the roof of your car, it’s likely going to fly off at some point, either causing you a problem or flying into another vehicle. Be considerate of other drivers and brush off the roof of your car before you get on the road.

5. Use Warm Water When Necessary

Use warm water only on the handles of your car if they are frozen shut. A little bit of warm water can be just the trick when you have a car door that won’t open. Pour some on the handle and immediately open. If you wait too long, the water will freeze.

Dealing with the ice and slush is one of the worst parts of winter, but knowing that you’re prepared can make it easier, along with having the right insurance coverage. If you’re not satisfied with your policy, compare your current car insurance policy to others to see where you could get the best rate.

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