5 Tips for Moving to the "Carolinas"

People move for a variety of reasons. They move because they are chasing new opportunities

Recep Karaca
Recep Karaca
21 December 2021 Tuesday 07:19
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5 Tips for Moving to the "Carolinas"

People move for a variety of reasons. They move because they are chasing new opportunities, want to be closer to their families, want to attend college or are looking for a retirement home. North and South Carolina have been ranked as some of the best places for long-distance movers to move to. Both states come with their charm, but any type of move presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Here are a few tips to help you move to the Carolinas and to get you settled in comfortably.

Learn to Play Some Golf

If you are moving to South Carolina, one of the best things you can do is learn to play some golf. Golf is huge in the state and is one of the best ways to meet influential people. You do not have to play golf to benefit from it, though, because golf brings a lot of money to the state. This money means there are lots of golfing business opportunities.

Choose from One of the Cheaper Neighborhoods

You might have heard that North and South Carolina are some of the cheapest states to live in, and that is true. If you want to move to either of the Carolinas, you will find that your location is the biggest determinant for how much you pay for a house or rent one. When talking to your real estate agent about buying a home in South Carolina, where almost two thirds of people live in their own homes, ask about cities like Columbia and Charleston. Here, the homes are Victorian, feature a lot of charm and history, and are very affordable.

In North Carolina, some of the most affordable neighborhoods include Nashville, Archdale and Williamson. If you plan to move to North Carolina, you can consider cities whose homes are more expensive, like Charlotte, if you plan to stay for more than four years. This is because the homes here are cheaper to buy than rent for an extended period.

To make it easier to find the right home in North or South Carolina, it would be a good idea to talk to real estate companies that have a long history of operating in both states’ real estate scenes. EZ Home Search is one such company helping you find homes for sale in one of these states through the property search and interactive maps on their website. Their blog posts on buying a home and guides on living in either of the Carolinas will come in handy for those looking to move there. Additionally, they will connect you with reputable real estate agents who take your search for a home as well as your private information seriously.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

Most people who move to either of the Carolinas are looking to retire or move there to attend college or university. Both can be permanent moves, especially if you want to work in the state after completing college or university. To ensure a smooth transition, hiring a reputable moving company would be a good idea. Because most people who move to these states come from very far away, you are likely to be doing the same, and you want to ensure the moving company can transport all your possessions to your new home without any problems.

The good news is that there are long-haul moving companies who can move you into either state, and ensure you are settled in properly for an affordable fee.

Do Not Pack for the Winter

If you come from a state where the winters are brutal, you do not have to bring all your winter gear to the Carolinas. While the summers are pretty hot here, the winters are milder compared to other states in the country.

Avoid Living Close to the Ocean

Both Carolinas are home to some beautiful beaches that are great for the summer. However, North Carolina sits on a hurricane path, and if you are moving from areas with no hurricanes, it might take some time to get used to the storms. The hurricane season extends from June to the end of September. If you do not want to deal with hurricanes, renting or buying a home away from the ocean and from historical hurricane paths would be a good idea. Also, you need to know how to get all hurricane warnings that are put out and to buy home insurance if you live near the coast.

Both North and South Carolina have their histories, charm and individualities, but they are pretty similar. Moving to either state is not complicated, although you have to be ready for a culture change and a slower and more enjoyable life than you could get in states like New York or California. Good luck with the move.



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