5 Abs Workout for Men That Will Work Like A Charm

If you ask women what they want in a man when it comes to their body features, you will see how most of them will simply say six-packs or abs.

24 December 2020 Thursday 15:54
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5 Abs Workout for Men That Will Work Like A Charm

If you ask women what they want in a man when it comes to their body features, you will see how most of them will simply say six-packs or abs. Carved to amaze, and these chiseled lines right at the core will affect everyone, no matter the gender and age. If you are a fitness freak, an abs workout must be at the top of the list. According to an estimate, globally, over 50 million are spent on various quick fixes and protein powders.

However, everyone agrees now that there is no quick fix when it comes to abs and six-packs. If you want to have a chiseled body, you need to work for it; otherwise, these quick fixes will get you ill, and you will end up wasting your time and money. For beginners, it is essential to have a plan and to understand how you can get a body as fit as Michael B. Jordan.

 If you are down for some real hard work, you need to start with a simple plan and a short counselor session with your instructor. This will help you understand why you need to work out and how much time you need for those killer abs you want. All you need is good activewear including the workout shirt and shorts and you can start your workout even at your home.

For a beginner, understanding the time limit might be a little tricky; the main reason behind this can be the basic understanding of a workout. For most people, body fat is essential for the estimated time limit required for the abs. If the fat content is less, it will take around 3-4 months; however, if you have a lot of fat in your body, you will start by burning the fat content, and later, you will shift to building muscle.

This might be tricky for starters to understand, but for someone who is already a pro, this might be a lot easier. Apart from the workout routine, your food choices and your daily lifestyle also help with burning fats and building muscle. Previously people would starve themselves to get a fat belly and then start with the workout so they can build muscle.

This is the complete opposite; instructors want the individual to stay healthy and fit, so they just alter the diet a little, and eventually, the individual builds the muscle faster. Here are five main exercises that will help you get abs more quickly. For all these exercises you don’t need some special equipment, you just need to get into your comfy workout shorts and you are ready to work out.


Plank is the hardest and yet the most effective exercises that you can practice for killer abs. However, a plank is said to be useful, but not many people know how to perform a plank.

If you leave your body to lose, your plank is not useful at all; this means you need to ensure your core is tight and you are exerting energy. As you tighten your core, you will feel your muscles start to get soar after a few minutes; this means the abs workout is effective.


For abs, there is nothing more effective than a crunch. If you feel crunch is easy, you need to try variations of the crunches. According to most trainers and fitness instructors, crunch is quite effective, but there is a variation that is far more effective.

Among a few of the best and most effective variations, there is a bicycle crunch and upside kick crunch. All you need is to tighten up your core, and your crunch will be far more effective than any other exercise.

Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging leg raise is an ideal abs workout for men; all you need is a monkey bar so you can hang yourself with the help of that bar. Now bring your knees up towards your chest and retain it for a few seconds and finally let it relax. You can change it a little by bringing your legs up without bending your knees; however, the key is to tighten the core and maintain a straight back posture.

Abs Rollout

For abs rollout, you need small wheel equipment that you can use for rolling up and down. If you don’t have abs rollout equipment, you can use a bottle filled with water as well.

All you need is to kneel down and then hold the bottle on both sides and roll with it like you can rolling bread on the floor. While you roll up and down, just make sure your core muscles are tight.


Who doesn’t love a good competition of pushups? All you need to do is get into a plank position and then start to get up and down. This will not only help you work your core muscles but also the shoulders and bicep muscles.

In short, you will get a chiseled core and bulky arms, which will make you look fit. For starters, you might feel pushup is too much to handle; however, as you work along, you will realize that your stamina will help you feel better and make the overall workout more effortless.