4 Reasons To Think About Installing New Windows Before Winter Arrives

4 Reasons To Think About Installing New Windows Before Winter Arrives

29 August 2017 Tuesday 10:59
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4 Reasons To Think About Installing New Windows Before Winter Arrives

While winter will not be here for a few more months, now is a great time to think about replacing those older windows. Several factors have led you to believe that the old ones need to go and some new ones would certainly be welcome. Instead of waiting for the spring, why not have the work done before winter arrives? Here are four simple reasons to call a contractor now rather than later.

Things Got Chilly Last Winter

There was nothing unseasonably cold about last winter. What had changed is the condition of the windows. They were one year older and less energy efficient than ever. The draft around them made it hard to sit in some of the rooms, even when the furnace was running constantly.

This winter, it would be nice to have less cold air seeping into the home and be able to comfortably use every room. If you opt for new windows in Markham, that is exactly what you will be able to do.

Summer Was a Little Warm Too

If you’ve forgotten about how hard it was to heat the home last winter, think about how things have been recently. Did you notice more hot spots in the home this summer? Were a lot of those hot spots near those older windows?  The same cracks and other issues that allowed cold air to seep in last winter also ensured there was a steady flow of hot air getting into the place during the hottest days of the year. If you go ahead and have the windows replaced now, the home will be more comfortable and easier to cool as summer fades into autumn.

You’re Tired of the Sashes Rattling

While the air seepage is a little inconvenient, the fact that the window sashes rattle when the wind blows is downright irritating. In fact, there have been some nights when a windy storm would cause the sashes to rattle so much that you had trouble staying asleep. That did nothing to improve your disposition the following day.

Choosing to install new Kleinburg windows now rather than waiting will bring the rattling to an end. Those new windows will be air tight and not subject to shifting just because the wind is blowing. That translates into peace and quiet that makes it easier to get to sleep and stay that way.

You’d Like to Save Money

The fact is that those older windows are costing you money each day. All the air seepage means controlling the temperature indoors is harder. Your air conditioner has to run more often and work harder to keep the house cool. This winter, the furnace will rarely cycle down because of the seepage.

Your home heating and cooling costs will not decrease until you do something about those older windows. Replace them now and the amount of energy needed to keep the home warm during the winter months will be noticeably lower.

Call a contractor today and arrange for a home inspection. With a little planning, you can choose the right window design for the home, go with materials that provide excellent protection, and look forward to being a lot more comfortable once the weather turns cold.

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