Health Concerns in Your 40’s and Beyond

Health Concerns in Your 40’s and Beyond

17 September 2018 Monday 18:13
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Health Concerns in Your 40’s and Beyond

In your 20’s there are rarely any issues that you are concerned with as far as your health goes for the average person. With age grows concern though as the body starts to break down and the stresses of lifestyles can start to add up. The best thing that you can do is to be checked out regularly by a doctor as some problems do not manifest until it is too late to do anything about them. Take a proactive approach to your health as you age as the following concerns can be serious.

Heart Issues

Heart issues are a concern for many people as many heart related issues have genetic components. This does not mean that if you do not take care of yourself that you cannot have a heart attack even if your family has no history. Monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol to make sure they are at healthy levels. Blood pressure monitors can be purchased for a reasonable amount of money and the peace of mind it can bring is well worth it. Get tests done by the doctor to see if you are at risk for any heart related health issues as knowledge is power.

Mental Health/Awareness Deteriorating

The best thing that you can do for mental health is to stay active and socializing with other people. Many people deteriorate mentally when they do not have meaningful interactions with others on a daily basis. This could be going to a weekly poker game or going to golf with friends during the weekend. Avoid isolation as this can be a breeding ground for mental health issues.

Joint Health

Even those people who lived an active lifestyle for decades can have joint issues sometimes on account of being too active. Those people who live to run need to make sure the surface they run on is joint friendly. Taking a jog in the sand is far better for the joints than doing your couple of miles on the pavement. There are joint supplements that can be taken now that will reduce the inflammation of the joints after working out. The last thing that  you want to do is lose your mobility as you age. There are times where joint issues could be the result for overcompensating for an injury elsewhere on the body. Pain is not something you need to deal with daily so see a doctor if you consistently feel pain in a certain joint.

Digestive Health

Colon cancer is a huge concern in the male population over 40 and it is required to be checked yearly for this. Your digestive health can deteriorate if you abuse alcohol on a regular basis. Checking for things like hemorrhoids can be difficult if you have never seen pictures of internal hemorrhoids. Digestive issues are usually manageable with a change in diet but things like Crohn’s disease can require medication or even surgery with more serious cases.

Take note of the above concerns and take preventative measures if possible. Do not allow your quality of life to decrease as you age due to health concerns as your best years are ahead of you!



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