Finding out About the Abortion Clinics

It is a procedure to ending a pregnancy by either removing an embryo or fetus, or by expulsion

Finding out About the Abortion Clinics

It is a procedure to ending a pregnancy by either removing an embryo or fetus, or by expulsion

24 December 2019 Tuesday 01:20
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Finding out About the Abortion Clinics

What is an Abortion?

It is a procedure to ending a pregnancy by either removing an embryo or fetus, or by expulsion, and before it can survive outside the uterus. A miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is when an abortion occurs without any intervention.

What is an Abortion Clinic?

It is a medical building or facility that can perform abortion surgeries. They can be public or private institutions. Read more here about the different countries and their statistics on this topic.

Abortion in History.

The practice of abortion has been done since ancient history. They used various means or techniques which have been updated in today's times. Abdominal pressure, the use of sharp medical instruments to administering what's known as abortifacient herbs. It induces the abortion per se.

Different areas of the world and cultures practiced different methods. Techniques have certainly developed over time and through observation, having to adapt and due to cross-acculturation.

Not all people agree today on abortions, nor did they back in time, however, some cultures believe(d) that in the fetus state and while in the womb it was of nature and plant-like. Only once it had been born and taken in the air was it considered ‘animal’. They, therefore, found abortion morally acceptable.

A woman named Margaret Sanger opened, in 1916, the first birth control clinic. She was arrested soon after because at the time abortions were illegal. She opened the clinic to try to eliminate ‘back-alley’ abortions which were common in those times.

She believed that while you could justify abortion in some cases, she considered that contraception would be a more practical way to prevent it.

Different Reasons why women Choose to Have an Abortion.

Of course, everyone has their reason as to why they would have or have had this procedure done, and everyone is entitled to use their body how they see fit. A few remarks that came up regarding problems that might’ve occurred if they had to go through with the pregnancy:

  • Work or School. It would interfere with being able to do the job effectively or would be a problem with school work.
  • Cost. They simply couldn’t afford to raise a child.
  • Parenting. Some would have been single parents or were in an uncertain relationship.
  • Young Age. Some are too young and their parents would have made them have it done.

What are the Costs of Having an Abortion?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the cost of this surgery, mainly location, how far along you are and which procedure is going to suit your best. You can read more info about it in this in-depth article about abortion and the types of costs involved from different sources online.

Counselling Available after an Abortion.

When a patient says they have had an abortion, it can trigger some highly sensitive emotions. Anger, low self-esteem, guilt, sadness or feeling of loss. Either way, councilors are there to support you through these feelings and must put their ones to the side. Have an open mind.

Sometimes to get to some kind of closure, all that women want to do is to be able to talk about it. You need to make them feel secure and that when they come to talk to you it is a safe place.

Even just hearing the word abortion may be too sensitive for them and they can close up, changing the terminology to say ‘pregnancy termination’ might be easier for them to open up.

Whether you are considering having an abortion or know someone who is and you want to support them, make sure you find the right abortion center that will look after you.

Education on the Subject.

School sex-education programs just about cover the basics, so I’m sure that abortion is not going to be high on the list or even on it. People tend to shy away from what they consider controversial topics.

But say a young girl fell pregnant due to failed contraception or even worse, was raped and fell pregnant, she is going to need help. And because there isn’t much talk about it at school, her peers aren’t going to be able to help, maybe support emotionally.

I say as a parent we should increase our awareness on the subject, and keep our children educated on the realities of life. Education is never wasted.

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