Beware of 4 Common Medical Billing and Coding Scams

If you want to pursue a career as a medical biller or coder then beware of different common cons intended by the scammers explained in this article.

26 July 2018 Thursday 10:56
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Beware of 4 Common Medical Billing and Coding Scams

The people, who belong to medical practice, often have listened to such questions like “Is medical billing a scam?” The easy answer to this popular question is NO. The companies which are offering the services of medical billing in the USA know the worth of their profession. Nowadays the scammers are tending to target the US healthcare industry. It becomes challenging for the professionals who are trying to earn a legitimate and honest earning. If you are also interested in being a medical biller or a coder in the future, then you must learn to avoid such scams.

1.    Beyond Belief Advertisements

The job expectancy for the health claims professionals is budding fast at present. If you are trying to get enrolled in a medical billing and coding school, then you must go through the internet to research on adopting the health claims profession. It is possible that you come across advertisements which make you think whether the information is accurate or not. You will find many offers and deals on the internet which sound too good to be true. Anyone can create a website and post any offers or information they desire. However, with the increase in technology, it has become remarkably easier for the medical billers and coders to spot the scammers. Usually, the scammers are using the similar terms and offers. Some of them are stated below:

•    “Earn dollars by helping doctors.”

•    “No experience or training required.”

•    “Get certified in just thirty days!”

•    “Earn a handsome salary with no experience required.”

•    “$25-$40/hour potential.”

Whenever someone is offering you such deals, always double check them and spot the scam rightly.

2.    Concise Training Period

There are no shortcuts to any profession. Gaining the expertise of a medical biller and coder is not an easy task. Lots of training and experience is required to become proficient. The medical billing and coding have a comprehensive knowledge of the medical terminologies, physiology, and the electronic health care system. In addition to it, they also have to learn different codes, complete insurance information, and all the healthcare regulations. These are the basics of the profession, and no one can get the training in a short time of less than six months. Therefore you must be aware of such wrong promises.

3.    Work from Home Offers without Experience

Most of the advertisers on the internet will try to dodge you with work from home without any experience. Medical billing and coding is a complex task. The billers have to submit the correct details of the patient like social security numbers and comprehensive medical histories. Therefore, it is highly essential to work with an experienced person. It is clear from the above discussion that a biller with no experience and know-how of the profession cannot work from home at all. It is a scam.

4.    Fraud Certification Offers

Many fraud certification offers are connected with medical billing and coding field. There are many con artists offering fraud certification. At least one or more years are required to master the billing skills. It includes the medical terminologies, medical billing software systems, and other skills to be a successful specialist. The deals or offers offering the certification with less than a year's duration is a scam and only gives fraudulent accreditations. Always make sure that the services you are going to take are accredited with a better business bureau or a professional association. No doubt, medical billing is a money-making career. However, if you want to pursue it then beware of the different scams.