4 Latent Injuries to Look for After a Car Accident

24 May 2020 Sunday 07:41
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4 Latent Injuries to Look for After a Car Accident

Car accidents can make a person suffer immense loss, both health and wealth wise. Every day, thousands of accidents happen all over the world, and while many people come out miraculously unharmed, some suffer from devastating physical injuries in addition to vehicle destruction.

Traffic regulations exist for the safety of all road users, yet millions of people make a habit of driving beyond the limits or otherwise recklessly. Drivers who ignore basic safety laws often end up hurting themselves and other innocent parties in the process.

Car accidents shouldn’t be taken lightly no matter the circumstances. Both the claims process and treatment process should be taken seriously. Some of the most serious injuries don’t show symptoms until a long time after the accident happens. These are a few of them to look for after a crash, and they must be addressed as soon as possible.


It may not be that common, but PTSD can occur after a car accident, especially if the crash resulted in the death of a loved. PTSD occurs as flashbacks of the incident or as vivid memories that terrify the patient to a great extent. If the intensity of PTSD isn’t substantial, it can be dealt with in a number of different ways. Beyond seeking medical care, hiring a lawyer from a reliable firm like Harris Personal Injury Lawyers should be a top priority since the cost of treatment can be significant.

Back and Shoulder Pain

Minor accidents often don’t cause serious injuries, but some after-accident pains can occur from them. For example, whiplash might not be detectable at first, but you could feel some pain in your neck, back, and shoulders after a couple days. Pain in these areas occurs due to the jerking of the head forward and backward with the sudden crash. Most screenings can’t detect any symptoms. And many of these troubles go away after a couple weeks with the use of over the counter treatments. But in some cases, these pains due to whiplash can stay for longer and make severe conditions occur including joint and muscle injury.


This symptom of a car accident is pretty common but can have severe repercussions. A headache that appears some time or a few days after a car accident can be a slight concussion or a strong one. It can also turn out to be a blood clot in the head. Or it can be a sign of brain hemorrhage. If the headache gets severe or remains for more than six days, it can cause serious complications if not assessed by a doctor.

Internal Bruises

Some internal injuries are detectable by medical professionals after an accident, but some hidden ones aren’t. Due to intense accidents and sudden reflexes to muscles, some blood vessels suffer bleeding that isn’t perceivable at first but appears later when the area starts to discolor. These injuries can also heal on their own, but some severe ones need to be seen by professionals as they can be connected to organs of the body.