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12 causes and symptoms of panic disorders What exactly is Panic disorder?

12 causes and symptoms of panic disorders What exactly is Panic disorder?

26 February 2019 Tuesday 19:10
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12 causes and symptoms of panic disorders What exactly is Panic disorder?

Panic disorder can be described as an anxiety disorder in which a person suffers from continuous panic attacks. These panic attacks can be sometimes disturbing and very frightening. It generates a sense of fear in the mind to the person who faces it and it becomes difficult to overcome the fear if the attacks continue for a long duration and on a regular basis.

Anxiety attack can hit you any time without any notice and will not get the time to deal with it in a calm manner. It can even strike you while you are driving, walking, eating or any other day-to-day activity.

Normally an average person suffers from such attacks for at least two to three times in his or her entire life span, which is not a serious concern.

But if panic attacks happens to be more often (regularly, frequently), then there is a need to seek for doctor consultancy. These attacks are not life threatening but sometimes they can have a drastic effect on a person’s mental health, lifestyle and quality of life as well.

Usually an attack lasts up to 15 minutes at maximum and in some rare cases; the duration can be for more than an hour. Physical and mental stress is the main factors that influence these attacks.

According to recent studies it has been noticed that the victims of panic attacks are majorly women as compared to men and children; they are less prone to these attacks.

As any other health issue this should also be taken into serious consideration as it may even develop fear of being in public or in a closed environment known as Agoraphobia.

Medicines such as Alprax are recommended by the doctors to deal with panic attacks.

Panic attacks are sometime confused with heart attacks as in both cases symptoms remain the same such as intense pain in chest, restlessness etc.

Most of the time the person may feel that he or she is going to die and they even start crying out of this fear. The body starts to lose its control.

After understanding what a panic attack actually is one should also be well aware of its symptoms and causes so that precautions can be taken well in advance.

Symptoms which are noticed when a person suffers from a panic attack are as follows:

  • Person suffering from panic attack starts feeling lightheaded and can even faint. He or she may feel like they have lost control of their body. They may even fall unconscious and lose their ability to think during that phase.
  • As soon as the attacks strikes, the person develops a sense of danger or fear regarding anything. As a result they begin to sweat a lot. Sometimes a person may even go in a state of shock and takes some time to get normal. Headache often comes along with other symptoms of panic attacks.
  • The persons body starts to tremble and shake intensely which makes it difficult for them to maintain body balance which may even result in a fall.
  • Body of that person starts to fall numb which makes it very difficult for them to even perform simple tasks. That person can even face hot flashes or even chills, which is sudden feeling of warmth or cold.
  • Chest pain is one of the most noticeable symptoms during this situation. This intense pain can also be accompanied with an increase in heart rate.
  • The person may face difficulty in breathing or what we call, shortness of breath. They may even feel the need of vomiting. Sometimes tingling sensation can also be felt in the body making the person feel uneasy and irritated.

What causes panic disorder?

Particular cause of panic attacks has not been discovered yet. Different specialists have alternative opinions for this kind of happening. But there are a few factors which are generally considered while determining a certain cause of reason of panic attack.

  • Psychological and mental health
  • Genetics
  • Excessive stress
  • Substance abuse

Panic disorders can have a bad impact on a person’s way of living if not treated properly. For the same, one can take help of the therapist or even medication can be beneficial such as Alprax.

A person can reach out to psychologists or therapists so that they can help them figure out the reason behind these attacks. After focusing on the problem they will help to find a solution so that these attacks don’t repeat themselves again and again.

For example, a bad past memory acts as a trigger to start an attack. Psychologists try to find a common trigger point in every attack and after knowing it they can start the treatment accordingly.

Doctors and specialists may even prescribe you medicines which will help you control your anxieties. One of the most recommended medicines to treat anxiety attacks is Alprax tablet. It is easily available and is highly effective.

Few things that you can do to prevent Panic attacks are as follows:

  • Try to make meditation a part of your daily routine as it helps in reducing stress and provides peace of mind.
  • Try to share your feeling, emotions and thoughts which bother you with your near and dear such as close friends and family members. This will help you feel light and comfortable. Keeping things to your own self is a very common cause behind intense panic attacks. Therefore, spend quality time with your near and dear ones.
  • Avoid substance abuse along with smoking and drinking as they have been major factors that cause panic attacks in many cases. Be very careful regarding your own health.


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