What is the cause of Raquel Bollo's hatred towards Rocío Carrasco?

Yesterday there was a moment of maximum tension in Sálvame.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 May 2023 Wednesday 05:03
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What is the cause of Raquel Bollo's hatred towards Rocío Carrasco?

Yesterday there was a moment of maximum tension in Sálvame. It all happened after the program invited Rocío Cortés, daughter of Chiquetete, to the space dedicated to the gossip press to talk about her relationship with Manuel Cortés and Alma Bollo, current Survivors contestants. Cortés did not speak only of them, but also of Raquel Bollo, accusing her of burning her mother's wedding dress and her communion dress.

Faced with these words, the former collaborator of the program who was in the corridors of Mediaset went to the set very angry and exploded against the chain and the format in which she worked for a long time: "You are all scoundrels. 15 years giving the callous here … Rocío Carrasco is mistreated and I, with three sentences, continue to bring me people... You scoundrels, you have not closed that chapter in your life.''

But why did Bollo include Rocío Jurado's daughter in the debate if she has nothing to do with it? Many say that the network positioned itself in favor of Carrasco after the documentary in which she explained that she suffered mistreatment by Antonio David Flores and protected her from any discourse contrary to this reality, something that it would not have done with other public figures such as the ex of Chiquetete.

Both have firm sentences that ensure that they were victims of abuse, although Carrasco told everything a few years ago in a documentary series and Bollo shared his process publicly in real time through magazines and interviews. Be that as it may, both share this terrible experience.

But, then, what is so strong that separates them as to have such a bad relationship? Everyone knows that Raquel Bollo maintained a close friendship with Olga Moreno, who was a partner of Antonio David Flores for many years and who almost considered herself the "mother" of Rocío Carrasco's children.

Although Bollo was always cautious on the subject, before Carrasco made the series, she was happy to give her opinion on the family situation of Fidel Albiac's wife. Even after seeing the docuseries in which Rocío Carrasco recounted the ordeal that she lived through, Bollo was reluctant to believe her: “I have only seen a lot of affection from Olga towards those children. I am not in favor of one or the other, but it is a story of two people, of two adults, who will know at home what has happened.''

Yesterday, the Andalusian designer exploded against the program, reproaching the double yardstick that the chain has when it comes to respecting the violence suffered by each other. It is not the first time that Carmen Gahona's enemy has spoken about this, since when the controversy broke out and Amador Mohedano's niece spoke of her, she gave her opinion without breaking a sweat.

"That they throw Antonio David and my ex-husband [Chiquetete] out of Telecinco, with three sentences, bring him to Anne Germain to talk to his grandfather, I don't understand it. Do we make comparisons? Because if we make comparisons, I tell you that in the end they will surely throw me off the set,'' he expressed at that time in Sálvame Deluxe.

For all this and more, the relationship between the two Mediaset characters has never been good. In addition, a few days ago, the youtuber Maica Vasco revealed that Bollo has just won an appeal filed by Carrasco in the Supreme Court for some statements that he granted in the Mediaset program in 2019.

The speech criticizing the distance of Pedro Carrasco's daughter from her children was the reason that led Rocío Carrasco to denounce the mother of Manuel Cortés, although in the end she has lost out. "She has lost again with costs and of course she has also lost the deposit against Raquel Bollo for some statements she made in a 'Deluxe' on September 16, 2019," the streamer commented to her followers.