What are collar stays and when do I use them?

With so many dress shirt options out there, and many different kinds of events that will require a different shirt for each

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What are collar stays and when do I use them?

With so many dress shirt options out there, and many different kinds of events that will require a different shirt for each, it can be a tough task figuring out what dress shirt to wear, and when. Let's talk about some of the formal settings you may go to where you will be wanting to look your best. One particular part of your shirt can say a lot about you if worn to one of these formal gatherings. I'm talking about collar stays. But, you may find yourself asking what are collar stays? Collar stays are objects usually made of metal that fit into the collar stays pockets that are found in high end dress shirts. Today we will take a closer look at collar stays and try to answer the questions: what are collar stays and when do I use them?

While not every occasion calls for the more formal collar stays, knowing when to wear them can make a big impression. They say you have style and know when to pull out all the stops to impress. And, they add a touch of elegance to any man's wardrobe. Basically, wearing a collar stays to an occasion says you care if you are there, and you care what the people who are there with you think of your sartorial choices, it's that simple.

Collar stays are usually made of metal, and they slip easily into the collar stays pocket that is made for them on most good dress shirts. They square the collar and keep it looking sharp and sleek. Collar stays come in two types, removable, and permanent. You will want to avoid any dress shirts with permanent collar stays, as these will leave marks on your shirt after the collar fabric is ironed, and that looks really bad. The removable collar stays are a much better choice, and they can be seen as a fine piece of jewelry that enhances any gentleman's wardrobe.

While most of the best collar stays are made of metal, you can actually buy a bag of cheap plastic collar stays for around ten dollars, but again, this is not recommended. A really good set of collar stays can set you back big bucks. These are basically family heirlooms you will want to pass onto your son, and he to his son, and so on. A set of fine gold collar stays with the family crest etched into them are probably the highest of high end collar stays, these are truly pieces of family jewelry, and obviously should be treated with the utmost care.

There are some unusual circumstances where the best kinds of collar stays will not be made of metal at all. Instead, imagine a whales tooth shaped as a collar stay. Or, a fine grade piece of mother of pearl shaped into a collar stay. Silver, horn, and other precious metals are other examples of high end collar stays that are not made of metal.

So, there you have it, wearing a collar stay will enhance your look in any formal gathering, and these somewhat rare pieces are a good way to take your formal look from good to great. And, choosing what you want in a collar stay is something you must give some thought to, because, if you want to have something to pass onto your kids, and you think you will wear them often, getting a nice set of gold collar stays could be in the cards for you. Remember, these are fine pieces of jewelry that can add a whole new dimension to your outfit. I hope you try some collar stays today, you won’t regret it!

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