Wave of criticism of the 'Survivors' organization for its latest decision regarding Carmen Borrego: ''What a joke''

Carmen Borrego has become the absolute protagonist of Survivors.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 March 2024 Sunday 17:08
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Wave of criticism of the 'Survivors' organization for its latest decision regarding Carmen Borrego: ''What a joke''

Carmen Borrego has become the absolute protagonist of Survivors. As many predicted due to her strong character and overwhelming personality, the youngest daughter of María Teresa Campos is one of the participants who is causing the most talk in the reality show that is recorded in the Cayos Cochinos.

Terelu Campos' sister silenced many mouths by accepting the program's invitation and signing up for the adventure, since very few people believed she would be capable. Happy and content, thousands of followers of the program celebrated the star signing of the survival show on social networks.

In a matter of hours, Borrego made a group of 'friends' with whom he could laugh, sing and make jokes. However, peace was short-lived, as he was involved in different disagreements with Ángel Cristo Jr. and Arantxa del Sol.

In addition to the different fights in which he got involved, Borrego began to have a very bad time physically. The television collaborator could barely collaborate in some tests and she felt weak and tired all day due to the little rest she has in Honduras and the serious constipation problem (more than two weeks without going to the bathroom) that she had. This made him start the protocol of abandoning her and even leave the island to return a few hours later after reconsidering and talking to the doctors.

As Borrego is also going through a difficult time in terms of mental health and has a lot of anxiety, Sandra Barneda informed her during yesterday's program of the decision that the program had made: ''Carmen Borrego presents a picture of anxiety caused by her maladjustment. to the conditions of the program. Although she feels fine physically, she cannot overcome the anxiety that her stay on the beach generates in her. For this reason, she has to be separated from the group and be attended to by the psychologist and the medical team, waiting to see her evolution and study the viability of her continuity in the contest.'

The news did not sit very well with many viewers of the program, who think that the only thing that is happening to Carmen is that she is suffering from the harshness of the reality show, just as has happened to many other former contestants throughout the editions: '' This is a joke'', ''You can see the feather duster'', ''And Pedro Aguado behind him watching how no one cares in the slightest about his anxiety and his feeling of being overwhelmed all the time'', ''What a shame' ', ''What a chatter with the audience. Enter-exit-enter-exit... Now to sleep in a bed, wash in a shower and shit in a toilet, etc.

The different collaborators on the set were left speechless by the program's decision, but Nagore Robles gave a voice in prime time to all those who complained on social networks with a powerful speech.

''I don't doubt anything. Now, for me this thing of 'now I'll go away to see how I'm doing and then I'll come back and I don't know what' well I'm sorry, call me the worst thing in the world, but I didn't accept it (...) I don't like it, because if "Everyone who does this recovers and then comes back, well I'm sorry, but no," said the former GH 11 contestant, visibly upset.