Topics for Discussion with Ladies in Chat Roulette

The main feature of chat roulettes is the ability to chat with completely different people

27 May 2020 Wednesday 13:34
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Topics for Discussion with Ladies in Chat Roulette

The main feature of chat roulettes is the ability to chat with completely different people. The system randomly selects an interlocutor for you, and you never know who will be in front of you in an instant. If it happens to be a beautiful girl with whom you really want to continue communication, you need to choose the right topics. We have prepared several universal, but interesting topics that you can safely discuss.

1. Interesting facts from the Internet

The network is constantly changing. New resources, interesting videos, and new memes appear. And since you are talking on the Internet, why not focus on it. If your interlocutor also monitors current trends on the Web, you will probably have an active conversation. However, do not delve into too narrow topics like computer games, online casinos or something like that. This is not necessarily interesting to everyone.

2. Funny cases from video chat roulette

Have no doubt, you will have plenty of them. You can meet the most unusual and completely strange people. And this is almost inexhaustible topic for conversation. Tell the interlocutor with whom you had a chance to talk to her, find out about her unusual meetings in video chat roulette. Believe it or not, it can be very exciting.

3. Vacations and traveling

This is a very versatile topic for conversation. Everyone loves traveling and sharing impressions. Find out in what interesting places and countries a girl has already been and where she wants to go in the future. Perhaps you have similar interests. This will further expand the topics for conversation.

4. Education and jobs

Let’s be clear that these topics are not suitable for the first online meeting. Not everyone likes to talk about where they study and who they are currently working for. Perhaps your interlocutor considers her university not prestigious enough, or maybe she has been wanting to change and forget her job for a long time. If it is not the first time you are talking or if you have switched to a different format of online communication (instant messengers, social networks) you can talk about education and work.

5. News

Every day there is a great number of events in your city, country and around the world. Surely there is something that you would like to discuss with another person, to hear their point of view. Moreover, it can be anything - from the political situation in the country to a resonant post on a social network made by a public person. If you’re used to following current news, use this as your advantage.

6. Arts and crafts

Have you noticed that in the 21st century many people strive to show their creativity? They do it in various fields: videos, music, painting and so on. This is also an excellent topic for discussion. Tell a girl about creative hobbies and activities, find out if she has any. You can even ask her to demonstrate some of her crafts and make a nice compliment.

7. Cinema and music

These are universal topics that are a win-win option. It is especially good if you have similar tastes. But even if you don’t, there is nothing to worry about. It is never too late to expand the horizons. Talk about the new albums of a popular group, about the latest films, about the shows you like. It's never too late to discuss classic films. Go ahead and try.

8. Friends

This is a tricky topic. Asking a girl how she spends time with friends will make it easy for you to get a general idea about her. Ask what she shares with them, what common interests they have, what qualities she values most in them. You can discuss your attitude to friendship between a man and a woman. You may hear a point of view that is completely out of line with yours.

9. Childhood

This topic needs to be approached with caution. Not everyone likes to talk about childhood. Perhaps, the childhood of your interlocutor was not the nicest period in her life and she does not want to talk about it with a stranger. If you manage to start the communication, the topic of childhood will surely come up more than once later on. Remembering children's stories is always a pleasure. Surely you also have something to share.

10. Pets

Many girls have pets. Sometimes they are unusual. They may have cats and dogs, domestic raccoons, chameleons, or huge parrots. Just ask if the girl has a pet and talk about it. And if your interlocutor, for example, has a cat, you will surely see it in the video more than once, which will greatly dilute the conversation and give another topic for discussion.

What do girls like to talk about?

We advise you to always keep in mind a simple truth: everyone loves to talk about themselves. Give the interlocutor in chat roulette this opportunity, do not interrupt. And when you start talking, do not turn it into an endless monologue. The girl will probably get bored very quickly. There are topics that girls like most of all:

  1.  Personality: role models, qualities, life. achievements.

  1.  Hobby: art, music, cinema, books, photography, needlework, cooking, etc.

  1.  Life goals: sports and health, career, purchase of housing, relocation to a new city or a country, determination.

  1.  Shopping: favorite stores and brands, attitude to online shopping, the most successful finds and everything related to shopping.

When you get to know each other better, you can move on to conversations that bring you closer together. Talk about happiness, about the upcoming meeting, about some joint plans. Think about where you would like to go together, what you would like to see, and what you would like to talk about in person. In this way you will be interested in each other and, perhaps, your meeting offline will happen faster.

And finally, a few topics that should not be discussed. For example, religion, money, salary, health problems and any negative topics: stress, failure, sad events in life. This can only be discussed if you have been in contact for many years and already know each other well. But it’s definitely not worth imposing your failures and problems on a stranger.

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