This is how Malena Costa has changed, the model who conquered the catwalk at just 11 years old

The daughter of a Spaniard and a Swede, Malena Costa grew up in the beautiful Balearic Islands.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
19 March 2023 Sunday 00:57
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This is how Malena Costa has changed, the model who conquered the catwalk at just 11 years old

The daughter of a Spaniard and a Swede, Malena Costa grew up in the beautiful Balearic Islands. From a very young age, it was clear to her that she wanted to focus her career on fashion, since she walked her first catwalk at only 11 years old.

After various beauty pageants, the great popular public met her in the first edition of the television program Supermodelo, where she competed at just 16 years of age, finishing in a good sixth position.

Animal lover, crazy, traveler, familiar, daring, self-confident... Malena Costa has many of the necessary qualities to survive so many years in an industry as tough as fashion, although she has also had difficult times along the way. throughout his trajectory.

Despite being a difficult world in which staying is a very complicated task, Malena has been learning and reinventing herself to continue at the forefront and build a career that is already impressive today.

The Malena Costa thing with the world of haute couture was a crush. Since she was a child, she knew that she wanted to dedicate herself to the image and to get on the catwalks, a path that she began very early, at 11 years of age. Having started in the profession so young, she has allowed her to establish herself as one of her most sought-after models, becoming the image of important advertising campaigns such as L'Oréal Professionnel or Nescafe Shakissimo.

There are things that you have or you don't have, and Malena's aesthetic taste is something that can be appreciated by taking a simple look at her social networks. This is not something new, since the young woman started in the industry, the passion and dedication that she put into each of her jobs became evident, something that has opened many doors for her. Another of his strengths is his great versatility, something that has led him to walk the best catwalks and appear in the most important magazines, but also to star in large advertising campaigns with companies such as Calzedonia, Garzón, Norit, Refresh or Chocrón Joyeros. .

Fashion is not only Malena's first love, but it is her passion, her profession and one of the reasons she gets up every day. Defender and fan of Ibizan fashion, Costa has declared on many occasions that comfort is very important to her when it comes to dressing, but that it is also essential to know your body, your silhouette and your proportions to find the clothes that best suit you. .

Although there are occasions for everything and events of many kinds, Malena has always defended that she likes to complete her looks with simple makeup: "I like the effect of makeup that is not noticeable," she said in an interview for Glamor where she also recognized that she liked to keep an eye on trends, but that it is important to have your own criteria and not wear things simply because they are fashionable.

After having savored the greatest luxuries and the success of a career full of trips, events and celebrations, Malena has found her peace and refuge in the family she has formed together with soccer player Mario Suárez. The couple started dating in 2012 and have never been apart since.

The footballer organized a 'surprise' wedding for Malena on a beach in Mallorca in 2017, after having to delay the wedding due to the model's second pregnancy. Since then, the couple has lived their love publicly, showing how happy they are together.

The couple has shown their strength on several occasions and Malena has had no problem moving and moving with her husband when he has signed for teams from other countries: Italy, the United Kingdom or China, wherever, but together.

As a result of their relationship, the couple's two children were born: Matilde and Mario, 6 and 5 years old respectively. The children have meant a before and after in the life of the model, who could not be happier to have such a beautiful family and who shows many of the fun moments they spend together on a daily basis through her Instagram account. .

It is difficult to continue on the front line after more than 15 years doing the same thing, but Malena has been reinventing herself and has known how to take care of an important community of fans who adore her and protect her from any scandal or controversy.

The model has a large following of followers on her official Instagram account. More than 420,000 people follow her publications daily, where she sometimes shows herself closer and teaches part of the routine and other times she takes the opportunity to promote her work and share professional experiences.

Naturalness is one of his best qualities and Costa does not hesitate when it comes to telling and showing his fans how his children are growing, some family anecdotes, his sports routines or how he is doing in his English classes.

This effort to connect with those who follow her makes Costa one of the models preferred by Spanish society, since she has the ability to attract the attention of an audience of all ages.

It may seem that we have already seen everything we had to see from Malena, but we cannot forget that the model is only 33 years old. Although she has had an extensive career on the catwalks and has a beautiful family created with two children and a loving husband, Costa still has a lot to offer.

Prudent, friendly, lively and with an exquisite taste for haute couture, the Alcudi woman continues to bet on new challenges and projects, but from a calmer and more stable point of view, since she always prioritizes tranquility and family well-being.