'The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon' seeks public interest with a preview of Carol

Daryl and Carol should have their own spin-off.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
03 April 2024 Wednesday 11:31
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'The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon' seeks public interest with a preview of Carol

Daryl and Carol should have their own spin-off. But, when AMC decided to film the series in Europe to change the setting and differentiate it from The Walking Dead, actress Melissa McBride abandoned the project. Viewers, however, can breathe easy: after a cameo in the season finale by Daryl Dixon, the teaser for the second season confirms Carol's participation in the new episodes.

In the two minutes served as a preview, Norman Reedus' character can be seen facing a deadly situation in France with a gun in hand. Then, from the other side of the Atlantic, the audience can meet again with Carol, who arrives at a camp with Daryl's motorcycle that she found last season.

“A colleague bought this motorcycle from you and I thought maybe you could help me fix it,” he says with his hands up and a harmless expression. When he sees that one of those present got to know Daryl (“Dixon, what a fool”), he takes his old friend's crossbow to receive more direct and honest answers to the only question that interests him: “Where is my friend? ”.

According to the official synopsis of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, the new season will focus both on Carol's difficulties in finding Daryl and the confusion he suffers after his decision to stay in France. Did he do well? Whatever the case, this will cause tensions in the Nest, the community to which she brought Laurent, a false young Messiah.

As is clear from the projects that receive the green light, AMC has its priorities clear: creatively squeeze the characters from Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics while in parallel developing a supernatural fictional universe based on the novels of Anne Rice.

Since The Walking Dead said goodbye to cable television, AMC has premiered Dead City with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as Negan and Maggie, which is renewed for a second season; The ones who live has just aired with Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln reprising the roles of Michonne and Rick, pending renewal; and Daryl Dixon's second season is scheduled for release this summer.

The three projects have one thing in common: they are receiving better reviews than the last seasons of the parent series or already completed spin-offs such as World Beyond or Fear the walking dead, which said goodbye in November after eight seasons and 113 episodes.

And, as we said, AMC does not abandon the genre. In May, the second season of the vampire Interview with the Vampire premieres with Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid in the roles of Louis and Lestat, the characters immortalized by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the movies; The second season of The Mayfair Witches is in production with Alexandra Daddario in the lead role; and, to top off the ambitious maneuver, John Lee Hancock is preparing The Talamasca, another spin-off focused on the secret society that tries to maintain order in the supernatural community.