David Broncano is taking advantage of his last months at Movistar to welcome the last guests to La Resistencia. And this September he will make the jump to RTVE, bringing this hooligan space to La 1’s access prime time. A controversial decision by the Board of Directors of public television, for which they have decided to invest 14 million euros per season .

But before making the change, he has decided to bring Jessica Goicoechea to his couch, who wanted to present her new bikini collection. And she did it under the watchful eye of her partner Marc Bartra, who did not hesitate to intervene when the presenter asked her legendary questions.

At one point in the interview, Broncano wanted to know how many sexual relationships the model has had in the last 30 days. Something that must be answered by counting one point for each act, or less, for each masturbation. And, without cutting corners, Goicoechea has been clear.

“I have been in Bali for half the month, that is, I have not been with my partner,” he began to relate. Still, she has talked about the latter. “We were a group of six people, we had very little privacy, and when possible, I closed the curtains and the door and it was clear, but you couldn’t do much with so many people,” he added.

But everything exploded when Bartra himself revealed the pact they have regarding sexual issues. “Well, we will have seen each other this month, we have been there for 15 days, about ten days and every day we see each other we have to fulfill. And the day we are tired, the next day, twice as much,” he confessed.

With this, both have put on the table that the rule that they set for themselves at a given moment in the relationship is that they would accumulate the days that they could not do anything in bed to recover it on subsequent others: “If one day it is not done, at the same time “The next day you owe me two.”

Something that has generated Broncano’s surprise. “Very good commitment. It’s homework, huh? “What you didn’t eat the night before, for breakfast,” he joked, generating laughter from everyone present. And right after, he wanted to know the money the businesswoman has in her bank account.

For the account, the model has added all the money generated by her company, something that raises the amount to a much higher figure. “Between three and a half and five million,” she revealed. “Congratulations, huh,” Broncano replied upon hearing this high figure.