The script twist of ‘The Promise’ will surprise viewers next week. In the episodes on Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22, a radical change will occur with a time jump that will leave fans of the TVE series speechless.

In this way and according to El Televisero, a new chapter is inaugurated in the history of the production of Bambú where the series will take a time jump of “a few months.”

The preview provided by TVE reveals important changes both in the noble area and in the service of the series. Pía Adarre will be demoted to the position of maid, and in the trailer she is shown taking on the most humble tasks of La Promesa.

Now, the authoritarian Petra Arcos will be the new housekeeper of the palace, taking control of a service where Santos will continue to cause tensions in the relationship between Vera and Lope.

In the preview of the next episodes of ‘The Promise’, a heartbroken marquise is glimpsed while Alonso is discovered kissing another woman.

This is María Antonia, an old friend of the marquises who initially offers her support for Manuel’s departure to the war, but who ends up becoming Alonso’s lover. The role of this new character will be played by actress Elia Galera, one of the two new additions to the series.

Catalina will no longer reside in the palace, but will be banished to the hangar due to something very serious that Cruz did to her and that she is not willing to forgive easily.

In addition, she is seen accompanied by a new and mysterious man, Adriano, played by Ibrahim Al Shami, the second addition to the cast; while it seems that Michel Tejerina (Pelayo) is absent.

Meanwhile, the unexpected return of an old and despised character is approaching: Gregorio. This individual, who was on the verge of ending Pía’s life by poisoning and temporarily served as a butler at La Promesa, returns to the palace after his time in prison, but his intentions are not at all benevolent.